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Today, we pulled up 5 of my radishes, and let me tell you, they are phantastic!
The leaves are 12cm long and up to 8cm wide, the radish roots in a full, lush dark red, snow white inside and they are twice the size of those from the supermarket. Only difference: they don’t taste like water! My radishes are mild, until the very last moment, and then they are nice’n’spicy!

I am so proud of my efforts and the success!


dirgon needs to start updating his 43Things entries more often.


My family is about to move into a new house in a couple of weeks out in the country. It will be the first chance that I have had to plan a garden in about 20 years. We are looking forward to it next Spring.

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I wish you as much fun as we had planning, building, planting and enjoying ours! Planting a garden from nothing into our 30 sqm oasis has been such a great experience for me. Hopefully, we’ll have a bigger space in our next home. I seriously need a real veg patch… ;o))

yebw Preparing for arrival of puppy!!

My radishes

Were looking good, but I wasn’t sure if they were ready. You’ve instilled me with hope.

redbandita does NOT want to be facebooked, twittered or shared.

I pulled one up to see how big it was, if you’re careful, you can re-plant it if it’s not big enough, yet.
The leaves are no indicator. There was still one that was tiny, even though the leaves were just as big as the other radish’s.
And I am glad if I can instill you with hope! That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day!

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