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Stop picking my lips (read all 2 entries…)
pick your lips 'til they're bleeding

I pick the skin off of my lips obsessively, usually until they bleed. Last week, I finally went too far. I smiled, and my lower lip cracked right in half. I hadn’t even been picking at the time.


Des is still alive but has no joy to share

I’ve done this same thing, in the past. One of the reasons was that I was somewhat dehydrated, and when I focused on drinking more water, my lips peeled less and so I picked less. I also kept Vaseline on them as much as I could. It still happens to me occasionally, like in the winter, but much less often now.

I actually drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, so alas, the hydration is not my problem. There’s actually an obsessive-compulsive disorder called Compulsive Skin Picking, though I’m never sure if I actually qualify for that, since it’s only my lips that I do it to. Still, it’s interesting.

For about two weeks I got myself hooked on applying gobs of Blistex rather than picking, and then I lost the tube and things got worse than before.

Carla Everything Is Not Yet Lost


I have done this and your photo brought the pain back. I split my lip from laughing. How sad, right? I have such trouble remembering to put moisturizer on my lips AND i hate that goopy feeling on my lips. I wish I could find a product that was agreeable to me. Moisture w/o the GOOP.

I’m not a fan of the goop, either! I’m always rubbing it off, and then I have to put it back on again, if I even remember to do so.

lilnativeaimee is working on a research paper for psychology and decorating for Chris

dont you just hate when non compulsive pickers offer ways to “help” she said, “I’ve done this same thing, in the past” exactly, you have done it your whole life. i think that the picking is also contagious because as long as i can remember i have been picking. my kindergarden picture says it all , but what i’m getting at is my best friend in elementary school used to see me doing it and she started and hasnt been able to kick the habit (or should i say compulsion) since. now i really feel obligated to quit because my two year old son watches me and he says “stop mommy that hurts,” i cannot let this little boy pick up this awful thing.

I’m currently 7 months pregnant and I am scared my little girl will pick up my lip picking. If you look at my school pictures it’s always there nothing works. I just finished peeling off the new layer of skin, it feels so good like I accomplished something and the smoothness, but then I look in the mirror and see what I have done and feel like a loser. I have to stop before my baby gets here I just can’t explain why mommy hurts herself.

Yeah I do this too. It seems to be associated with a lack of intellectual stimulation.

If I go study some challenging math or science, I stop. When I stop studying, I go back to picking.

you are so right

“It seems to be associated with a lack of intellectual stimulation”


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i pick my lips soooo bad that they bleed all the time and when i smile it hurts and my lips are split down the middle now and i’m happy that there are people like me but we have to stop someway i haven’t found a way that works but i’m still tryin and i still pick A LOT!!!!

and its sad that it hurts to smile!

My earliest memories are of me picking at my lip. How sad is that? My mother does it, and my grandmother does it as well. It is something that I have never been able to stop doing. I would like to quit, but I just can’t seem to. It’s just something that I get a sick satisfaction out of. I am tired though, of picking to the point of bleeding and then having someone with a horrified look on their face ask me what happened to my lip…I’m picking right now, in between typing. Help me…

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no, i think

that is the better of the two options!

(This comment was deleted.)


i totally do that same thing. i didnt know it was obsessive compulsive … ack. i think why i do it, is because i HATE the way the loose skin feels on my lip—ICK it just feels terrible. so i tear it off and then i put on burts bees lipbalm or somethin and then the lip skin is just growing back and i can feel it, so then i just do it all over again! and yeah my lip bleeds and stuff, but i like that better than i like the way the skin feels.ew.

(This comment was deleted.)

Oh man, me too!

I have been doing this and biting my nails for as long as I can remember! Most chapsticks don’t work but actually contribute to my “peeling”, as I call it. After I use them my skin actually begins to exfoliate and shlough off so I start peeling. I also can’t stop biting my nails so I wear acrylics. But recently the compulsion has spread to peeling the calluses from my sons lips. Now, BEFORE people freak out and call DFCS, I’m not peeling to the extent that hurts him and he’s bleeding- that would be psychotic. But he’s on a sippy-cup now and he chews the cup so it roughs up his lips and they callus. BELIEVE me when I say that I wait until the skin is CLEARLY dangling from his lips and then I’ll try to rub it off with a wet washcloth during a bath or with the sides of my fingers. I NEVER use my fingernails because I don’t want to hurt him or cause the skin to tear too far and cause him to bleed. The point is- it’s gotten to the point where I can’t leave dangling lip skin alone!!! It’s like an itch I HAVE to scratch!!

I do this too! Thank god I thought I was the only one I pick at my lips every single day. It is a terrible habit and I don’t know how it developed because nobody I know does this . It’s not even so much that I don’t want my lips to be dry but I like the pain.. I know that’s weird but I do it when I have to concentrate on something like a test or when I’m nervous or anxious and I like lick the blood haha I’ve always felt like a freak because I do this but I’m glad im not the only one. My parents always have to warn me when I’m doing it. I want to quit but I’m like addicted! I’m only 13 too haha

need to quit

hello, i have always had a problem with lip picking it started ever since i was about 10 or 11. i am now going toturn 18 and i need to stop it has gotten so bad that now i don’t even care who’s watching i would just do it in school or at public places and when ppl tell me why do i do it i can’t even explain i don’t want to go on doing this i need help i have tried everything i have tried chapstick, i always buy chapstick i have tons of those but it doesn’t even help me as soon as they get soft i just wait for them to get dry again so i can pick at them again. its seriouslt ruining my life by taking time away from me from what i do and causing me pain. i cant even concentrate when i’m doing this on other things…. i have gone about 2 hours straight doing it and im not even kidding

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