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decide what the hell I would like to do with the rest of my life (read all 3 entries…)
I ask

Well, I ask my friends and family what they can picture me doing with my life and they also draw a blank. That seems like a really bad sign to me. A little background: I went to college, but didn’t complete my degree. I’m about 3 classes from finishing it, but I don’t want to finish. I was going to be a teacher for the Deaf/Hard of hearing population. My professors never liked me and made it really hard on me. I became really depressed from all of it. This is a big reason why I’m hesitant to go back to school at all. There’s a part of me that wants to finish school, but I can’t go back for the same thing. I just can’t. I was miserable and realized I couldn’t deal with the politics of becoming a teacher. So, teaching is out. That leaves me with… what?

I haven’t had a decent job for about 2 years now. I moved back in with my parents ‘cause I have no money. Ok I have to stop focusing on the negetives here. I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do by eliminating all those things I know I don’t want to do. It’s a longer process than I’d like. But, right now, I feel like it’s the only/best option I have. I think if I could figure out what makes me happy, I’d be set. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been happy for a while now. What to do?

That’s right. Join a team of strangers on the internet going through the same thing! :) I honestly think this will help me. Just venting and receiving the odd comment back. I do often feel like I’m the only one lost in this world. But now I know I’m not the only one. So, there’s a small victory if nothing else. :)

UPDATE: Well, wouldn’t you know it? I ended up going back to school and completing my teaching degree. I learned a lot during my break from school and it served me very well. I got a job less than a month after graduating (in December, no less!) and things are going well. I’m glad I went back. I met AMAZING professors this time around and it was a totally different experience. :)


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Oh Helmut {{{{{hugs}}}}}

I’m not gunna give you advice or tell you what i think you should do, but i will say that if you dont finish your degree (being so close) you might end up like me!!!! lol….Seriously, i wish i had at least one qualification to fall back on if i needed to :o)

alenahra…that was very brave of your mum! So theres hopw for me yet…

Im a great beleiver in the theory that if you do something you really enjoy you will do better at it than something you dislike… Did that make sense??? lol. Ok, so step 1 would be find something i enjoy and see if i can make a career out of it….. gone away to think

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milkbox 2.0! is even happier still :D

bite the bullet

Like everyone else has already said, finishing your degree is the best first step that you could take right now. Forget your nasty professors, after all they’ll be gone once you’ve finished the course, and they’re not the main thing you’re there for. You’re there for yourself, not for anyone else. And those three clases just might be exactly what you need to change your life.

Hugs to you as well. Know that you’ve got a handful of people just as lost as you are right behind you on this goal. ;)

Well, ironically, those nasty professors were NOT gone when I finished the courses. I was attending a small private college and had the same professors for several courses. There were 3 professors for my department. The entire teacher ed department had 5 professors. One adjunct refused to pass me in a class that I needed to graduate. I finally left school during my second course with her when she still was failing me on all my papers and such. Oh she was a right bitch to me. We argued for about 8 mins about 1 sentence in a paper I wrote for her. It went something like, “While it appears as though the authors are saying one thing at first, it becomes clear to the reader they are actually saying this totally opposite thing.” (Imagine the this and that’s are actual points.) Anyway, she gave me a D on the paper and marked that sentence as incorrect. She said that if you stopped reading at the comma, then my point wasn’t correct. My jaw dropped and I tried to explain to her the purpose of a comma. (She was a language arts teacher for years before switching to computers). She was isistant that I was in the wrong and refused to change my grade. Things like that are the reason I hesitate to return to school. I can not handle such things. Plus, I’m poor as hell right now and can’t afford school and my credit is already suffering a bit. So, yeah… I’m pretty adament against going back right now. (Much to the dismay of many around me.) It’s my life and I hated the misery of it all and I just can’t let it all go yet. I’m hoping to change my tune in the future, but for the next year or 2, I’m certain it’s not likely to happen.

pedagogy sucks

Pedagogy classes, no matter what the field, are gatekeeping devices. Think about it; content classes tell you what to teach, but pedagogy classes are supposed to tell you how to teach. Teaching is so individual that there really are few “right” ways to teach. “They” are trying to quantify the unquantifiable in order to justify “their” salaries. Once you get past the bull shit of the classes and the terror of your first year ;) , teaching allows a body to change the world one snotty teenager (the age group I teach) at a time. Teaching personifies the “Think globally, act locally” mindset. That being said, I know teaching is not for everyone. But I hate the idea that you would give up due to a bitch professor and a stupid curriculum. Once you get through those things, you will find that you have a sense of freedom, of possibility, you can’t find too many other places. Plus the steady paycheck, and all major holidays, weekends, evenings and summers off are a major plus ;)


I was about to comment on this in order to encourage you to go back to school after a break but then I saw that this was all 8 years ago and that you ended up going back.

I’m happy things worked out for you. Sometimes life gets hard and we feel like it couldn’t get any worse or harder but then there will be moments that remind us how great life is despite everything.



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