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improve my Hebrew (read all 6 entries…)

I’m having mixed results with the speaking but generally I feel pretty good about it. I think I’m speaking Hebrew about as much as I was last time I wrote on this subject but the scheme I was using has proved a bit impractical.

Often I spend my mornings alone so the whole ‘speaking Hebrew in the mornings’ thing became a bit of a cop-out. Also, some people insist on speaking to me in English so it feels weird to speak to them in Hebrew. On the other hand, I’m speaking at least as much Hebrew with my boyfriend as I was before and only Hebrew with his family, who we see regularly. There are also a good few people who only speak to me in Hebrew so that’s great. I want to work out a reward system for myself, though, to give me more incentive to try even harder. I know I’m still not pushing myself hard enough.

At the moment the reading/writing/listening is happening about twice a month but I have started making a point of learning at least one new piece of vocab per day, usually easy words that I feel embarrassed about not knowing. Recent ones have been the words for ‘toy’, ‘concentrate’ and ‘smile’. Jeez. I know, it’s pretty lame that I’ve lived in Israel four years and only just learned the word for ‘smile’. Well, at least I know it now, right?


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do you speak English in Israel? Is it commonly spoken?

dreamcatcher is being quiet.

If you’re a native English speaker you can manage fine not knowing a word of Hebrew. Many people do. Israelis learn English at school and have to have a reasonable level of English in order to attend university, no matter what subject they study, so most Israelis speak some English. Many of them speak excellent English. I’ve found that as soon as someone realizes I’m a native English speaker they just can’t wait to practise their English with me. Which means I have to really insist if I want to speak Hebrew with them.

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