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Love without fear
Culinary Hearts

Love and Fear = one in the same. A Bio chemical torrent through my cells that disrupt my purity and true meaning. A contest: The Fight vs. The Flight. My love for the world changes but never ceases. I try to become one of those pissed off causalities that I admire and despise. But instead I feel everyone, everything.
I’m always sure he is just around the bend in the road. If I would just meet him half way; come out and play. Instead I stay safe and tell everyone I have an edible heart. The wolves adore it. The sheep love it all the more. I know they have no culinary interest in me but it is my station to fear.


I couldn't find a good place...

to write this, so I am doing so right here. The photos that you have posted are beautiful. I am going with professional, but in any case, I saw your photo in my cheers and needed to tell you that are incredible. So much going on. Take Care.


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