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A Little View Into Mom's Side...

My Mom grew up in Little Italy near Cleveland on a street named Gaylord. Side note – I wouldn’t go to that neighborhood at night anymore!! She was an only child and while still a child her folks divorced. Unheard of within the family! In any case they were a typical Italian family all living together under one roof. There was Gram, Mom, Ann (Gram’s sister), Uncle Jake and their kids Linda, Lori and Michael. Side note my great Grandmother may have lived with them before she died but I can’t confirm this one?

Linda & Mom were close in age so they basically grew up together. Strict Catholic upbringing all the while Gram was out carousing with a Jewish gentleman named Milt. A jeweler who showered Gram & Mom with baubles big & small! Milt was a nice enough guy I suppose but couldn’t marry Gram because of his strict Jewish Mother. Gram couldn’t marry him because he was Jewish. Quite tragic really. Instead they went out drinking, traveling, dinners, etc… I have a few pictures from back in the day:

Milt & Gram

Gram at the store with her new pearls!!

Mom’s Graduation & a rarely seen shot of Grandpa

Mom never learned to drive because Ann & Gram didn’t know how either – their men took them where they needed to go I guess? That didn’t stop her because after graduation she quickly entered nursing school and enrolled in a Karate class to get her out of the house I believe. She became a black belt and graduated top of her class!! Somewhere I have an article from some local rag about her being a third shift ass kicking nurse!

Eventually she came to work at Marymount with my paternal Gram. Hence the hook up with old Daddy-O!

But that’s a story for another day…


very cool!

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neat-O, tarts! love the pics and the stories :).

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Fantastic entry!

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