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Today's list:

1. workout (I’m running behind schedule today)
2. Housecleaning
3. Plant flowers
4. Make shopping list for tomorrow or Monday’s shopping.
5. Work on decluttering/organizing goal
6. Get ready to go shopping to get-together tonight.
7. Go shopping (edited due to realizing I don’t need anything for tonight’s get-together)
8. Get stuff ready for get-together tonight.
9. Work on secret project
10. Read for class in morning and another section of Bird by Bird.

This isn’t my typical list for this goal, but it’s what I need to do today. And, if I stay on-task, I should be able to accomplish it all hopefully.


12:30 Update:

1 and 2 are done.

1 p.m. Update:

3 is done

4 p.m. Update:

4 and 5 are done.

5:40 p.m. Update:

6 and 8 are done.

I’ll have a lot of work to do tonight with 9 and 10, though, when I get in. :(

Well, I got...

10 done, but 9 is going to be challenging! I don’t know if I have enough energy to do it.

I don't have enough energy to completely...

deal with it today, but I’m going to attempt to get up early tomorrow and do some, if not I will focus in on this first thing in the afternoon. I did do some experimentation for it, but I’m not completely happy with what I’m coming up with.

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