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have less paper in my life (read all 3 entries…)
Even less paper

Today I went through 7 years of paper, bills, and various paper crap I’ve saved for no real good reason other than to take up space in my filing cabinet. It looks like Xmas with all the shredded paper I have I could start packing presents early this year. Anytime I get a statement in the mail I make a point to switch it to email only. Usually the turn around time is pretty quick if I get on it right away and I wont see another paper statement again. Somehow my mother’s name is floating about still and I’ve recently been getting mail for her although she’s been dead since 98. I suppose I should get her off of whatever mailing lists she’s on. Will it ever end…? It’s definitely better.


less paper is best. My room looks better now with less paper afte I’ve read the book Apartment Therapy. They do have a website, check out apartmenttherapy.com. Inspiring!

jane_X C.P.A.

standard adobe acrobat/scanner + external hard drive = no paper :)

i pdf print everything (from the internet to research papers, etc.) so there is no paper. save on hard drive. back up on external hard drive so nothing is lost and everything is retrieveable :)

switched to online statements for everything and electronic bill payments for the past 5 years and never had a prob. :)

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