question each expenditure of time and/or money, as often as possible, asking myself, "Does this choice make me closer to or more distant from who and what I want to be?" (read all 16 entries…)
as I said in an earlier entry today

it’s just constant choices.

Like, every minute.

Nothing stands still. Time passes.

Who do you want to be, ff?

It’s in your hands, at least, to a large extent.

Go sprinkle some stars in your hair, ff.

Hey, Team! What’s up? How’re you doing? Got any particular goals for this week?

The challenge with a sweeping goal (like this one) is, I find, breaking it down into small daily steps.

My step for today will be: expend some time on giving my body the work out it really wants…


sagittarian Looking forward to good things

i like it!

small steps are the only ones that get us anywhere, right ;)?

somatc is beginning to start.

thanks for the re-memory ff

perhaps small steps will break this current block of mine.

Nice to see you back with us !!

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