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You can tell your life story and no on will talk about you behind your back you can let it all out and no one will confront you and kill you.lol jkjk. Anyway I am proud to behere and proud to share my every moment with ayone who cares to read my stuff. Ok well ere is the thing today I woke up and I felt so alone I mean I haven’t been to school in 7 days now and I am not going back! I hate it I mean I have all these friends and I don’t get to see them because I have monno which i don’t know how I got. I wish someone knew about this and would tlak to me about this but for now i am stuck here in this house like the human BUBBLE GIRL. My mom treats me like an alien and my step dad treats m like I exsist but I dont exsist you know? Life is rough. But I plan to get out I plan to hang out with m friend Ashley I mean what harm can that do? It’s not like I plan to make out with her! I am sooo not a lesbian! Well I want to have fun this summer but the docter said that I am not to go and play sports that I should get some rest…. HELLO? NEWS FLASH… MR.DOCTOR MAN! HOw am I supposed to relaxe and go to sleep when I have no people to comfort me I mean my mom is great in supporting me and eveything but my paretns do have jobs you kno its not like they are here all the time during the week so I am stuck home for 10 hours by myself. Now you would think that I am going to party but hello?!? I have monno no one and I mean NO ONE can come over!!! HELP!!



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