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Zanna Campanula of the revolutionary trousers

Get ready for Dorset!!! (read all 9 entries…)
Am supposed to be

having an organising day - sorting, tidying, planning, packing (early!) - so that i have a clear head for a last day of hard work tomorrow.
but guess what, i’m procrastinating wildly.
ok, have 2 clear hours until the england game starts. will use them properly to clear up my study and write invoices (still probably the only person in the world who procrastinates about writing invoices) while listening to the World Service. good idea.
and then i’ll pack and tidy upstairs while watching football. multitasking me.



that sounds exactly like me before holidays. ;) How did you do, did you manage to use the two hours well? If not, don`t worry, I`m guessing quite a lot of the stuff you want to do doesn`t HAVE to be done before the holiday, or does it?
So are you leaving saturday?

Zanna Campanula of the revolutionary trousers


i actually got some filing done, rang a colleague to get some information for the invoice, and cleaned the bathroom. despite the heat. phew.
you’re completely right, of course, most things don’t have to be done before the holiday. the most important thing is to leave the flat in a reasonable state so that the neighbours aren’t shocked when they come to water the plants. and to remember all the various important tickets and things.
we’re leaving saturday, staying in dorset until friday, then flying to dublin to visit friends and go to a very old friend’s hen night, and then back to berlin. so we have three different sets of plane tickets with three different airlines.
i think i need to make a list of what’s really important and do that. yep, that’s what i’ll do next.

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