compile a list of 100 facts about myself (read all 3 entries…)

11. I have 3 best friends, who I take for granted, because I don’t think they’ll ever leave my life.

12. My favourite colour is blue, well today anyway, which brings me to fact no.13

13. I’m fickle, unbelievably fickle.

14. I have a wide variety of friends, most of which I can’t actually remember meeting for the first time.

15. I hate Coke, I hate Coke, I hate Coke. But I’ll drink it if its infront of me.

16. I fear the future and what it could hold.

17. I’m impatient, yet want the world to wait for me.

18. I hate feet. Ewww

19. I like challenges I’ll never complete.

20. I contradict myself all the time, mostly its subconsciencous, but it happens nevertheless.


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