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High School Reunion Info

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Nicole Forsi is skulking around 43 things

attend my 20 year West High School reunion in Anchorage, Alaska (read all 5 entries…)

We all made it out to lunch yesterday. But no photos - no one brought a camera! It was amazing how quickly we dropped into conversation, like it hadn’t been 20 years. (I showed up late so maybe I missed the awkward silences?? - doubt it!)

Some interesting topics:
Anchorage, winter sports, rain (we do call Oregon/SW Washington home now!), kids, 43things, significant others, airplane rides, the virtues of Las Vegas, weddings, funerals, work (never a good subject for me :>), and when and where we want to meet again!

I promise to bring my camera next time!


Say What?

Did you say “the virtues of Las Vegas”? Now, don’t get me wrong, Vegas is great, but “virtues”? All the times I been there ‘Viturious Vegas’ was closed, but its evil twin ‘Sin City’ was open 24/7.

I am also disappointed that with the PhotoShop, graphics and computer knowledge in your lunch group that someone was not able to fake a photo of the event.

Nicole Forsi is skulking around 43 things

Perspective -- it's all in what you go there to do.

I find the place virtuous—Shane and I were married at the Chapel o’ Love, on the south end of the strip.

What do YOU do there?

(and yes, I’m dissapointed there are no lunch pictures either. A faked one just wouldn’t capture the moment…)


(This comment was deleted.)


Hey Niky,

Reggie, do you remember me? Had to say sorry, we were e:mailing and I lost touch for awhile. After e:mailing you I started school at Western Michigan University, got a job with Comair, got married, have a kid on the way and building a new house, my dad got diagnosed with a brain tumor (he is doing fine now) and on top of that, my 20 year class reunion snuck up on me. Seems like life never stops moving and the calander flips by faster than pages of a good novel, you can’t put down. I do not feel like I am almost 40, then I leave the gym and realize, yeah, I am getting up there. How is Portland treating you, all is well I hope. I have not been to the Northwest in a couple of years, but I still love it, I am sure you do as well. I will try to do better at staying in touch, I am off to barbeque. Reggie

Nicole Forsi is skulking around 43 things

Don't need to say sorry to me!

OF COURSE I remember you! How could I forget—and we lost touch because MY computer crashed and I lost all my email addresses. So I’M SORRY!

Life does get in the way of life sometimes. You look great and happy and your family is beautiful. Congratulations on your daughter-on-the-way! I’m sure she’ll bring you much joy! And I’m glad to hear that your dad is doing better.

We missed you A LOT at the 10 year—I am really happy you are going to make it to this one.

Portland is good. We’ve been here for quite some time, and it’s home to us. But Anchorage is still home, too. I’m a hopeless case!!!!!

See you SOON!!!!!!
: >)

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