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Energy Flow

I had my first-ever acupuncture appointment on Saturday morning in Memphis. It was interesting to say the least.

The appointment was scheduled to take two hours and I wondered at that. But, we used every bit of it. The therapist sat and talked to me for 75 minutes of that time. He asked me everything about everything and was so thorough and attentive. He said that it helped him to know what points to target to get my energy flowing better.

The pins didn’t hurt going in, except for one in my hand. They stayed in for thirty minutes, during which time I relaxed and practiced deep breathing.

After the appointment, I definitely felt different. I was eerily calm and deliberate. It was almost like I was moving in slow-motion and like nothing could touch me or bother me. Very interesting indeed. I felt more like myself after I ate and had some water but I slept better that night than I have slept in weeks.

I’m scheduled to go back on Thursday. We will see how it progresses!


a man named Lew space is the place!

Did they examine your tongue, and pulse?

It’s always interested me that my acupuncturist (various Chinese, always women) has little English, but can tell a lot about my condition by these simple exams.

Acupuncture worked best for me for my knee problem. The acupuncturist admitted tinnitus was difficult for acupuncture to help with.

I’ve found it seems to have a profound effect on my autonomous bodily functions.


...he did examine my tongue and took my pulse several times. It was a very interesting visit and I think it will have great success on my health.



acupuncture has always been on my list of things to try but i always end up putting it off.

loved this entry.

It is great. I had my second appointment today and I really do believe that it has greatly increased my energy levels. Try it!


I had it once when I couldn’t sleep and it was brilliant. i’ve been feeling I need it recently – I’m so up and down at the moment, I need some stability! Yes, I was shocked when I started looking at my tongue – forgotten about that. Now off to a mirror to inspect!

I love it.

I went again today and I really am noticing a difference in the way I feel, I definitely have lots more energy. Definitely something I’ll keep up.

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