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sell everything I don't need on eBay
De-Clutter Your Life With Ebay

Yesterday I looked around what once was a spacious maisonnette (that means it’s on two floors) and hyperventilated. All the cabinets are full. The storage boxes are full. That wall-to-wall bookcase I designed to hold my collection of books – is full. There are books on the floor in huge piles, on every available space on the desk, and a secret hoard of over 1000 chess books in the attic. Every now and then I have a cleanout, and anything that is truly junk gets thrown out. The trouble is that anything that is not total junk; the hundred videos I haven’t watched for so long I have forgotten the plot; gadgets that I haven’t used for years and are useless but are nevertheless in good condition – that gumpf all makes it as far as the front door.
The idea was to do a car boot sale one weekend.
It is now getting hard to open the front door because the stuff is piling up. So I have decided that tough measures are needed. After a few practice runs, I am going to start putting all this stuff on Ebay and see if there are any takers…


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