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eat healthier
Not diet, just more "real"

I’m so tired of processed foods but it is a wicked cycle. Processed foods make you tired, being tired discourages you from cooking, and around and around.

I want to shop at (AT LEAST) 3 new ethnic markets in my neighborhood and try to wean myself off of “supermarkets”. I want to find a butcher. And a place for milk that has no hormones.

More fresh everything…and everything in moderation.


well, I agree with you.
Problem is that we have our food not directly from the ground like in the past.
I’d like to start a new diet with a fast.
Fast helps to clean the body deeply and helps to improve the taste, so you can choose your food with a natural method when you’re eating.
Let’s have a fast together!

Alix is knitting.


Many supermarkets and smaller natural food stores carry organic (hormone-free) milk. I prefer Organic Valley, but Horizon Organic seems to be popular, too.


I want to:
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