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I find myself in the most beautiful situations...

This weekend I was talking to an old friend and he kept trying to hook me up with a current, mutual friend, who I sort of liked in the past. But he kept asking me all these questions about what I look for in a guy and I really couldn’t give him a straight answer. A couple of the guys there said they love legs and lips and other physical features about women… I know I’m attracted to intelligence, someone I can have a decent conversation with, but other than that, I really don’t know. I like a lot of things about people… on some guys I like a shaved head, on others the shaggy look. Some guys I like are super smart and others are the funny guy of the group…

What I’m wondering is, I guess, is if it is bad to not know what I want specifically or is it better? I can see it both ways, I mean, I don’t want to have too high of expectations, but I don’t want mine to be so low that I fall for anyone. So what is the happy medium, or is there even one at all?


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