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dye my hair pink
dream hair colour

Hi =]
I’m 20 and I’ve been dyeing my hair for 5 years…. I’ve changed my hair colour 11 times… and no one could describe my original haircolour…
right now I’m with pink hair- the dye is semi-permanent, so I use it 3 times monthly. the colour is so vivid at the 1-3rd washes, and then it fades so i have to revive it again.
I work at a boutique and I didn’t have problems with my boss- in fact he enjoyed my haircolour… but children were the ones who were really impressed- sometimes, when i was going through an open-air kindergarten I could hear “Wow! She has pink haiir!!” “LOOk!! She’s so beautiful!!”
I’m happy that I dyed my hair pink. Now, luckily for my father, I’ve understood that’s not my true colour, because it doesn’t suit me but it was a dream from childhood, and I’m glad I achieve it!!



that looks great i am also thinking of dying my hair pink can i ask what colour you used. and i have to say your hair is great

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