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Raven I've got to get away

lose weight (read all 36 entries…)

I lost about 20 pounds the first quarter and then decided to quit smoking. Chocolate Milk Shakes were my reward mechanism – Doh! No I have to start over.


Fat-Free Chocolate Milk
(yes, fat-free. gotta stay slim)
is the smartest thing to drink after a workout.
According to Roberta Anding, RD, a sports nutritionist at Rice University, milk is an excellent recovery food since it has the carb-to-protein ratio you need and Cocoa beans contain antioxidants, which help with muscle repair.

I read it in a heath magazine.
so, just leave out the ice cream and you can still get that reward.

wish you luck with the weight loss.

Raven I've got to get away

An acceptable chocolate substitute . . .

Unsweetened Chocolate Soy Milk. Ok, it really is not the same. But it cures the crave with 1 gram net carb. And if it is really cold . . .

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