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invent something (read all 2 entries…)
what to do once you invent an idea/product?

what is the first few things you should go about doing??



First things first

If it’s just an idea… you can’t copyright it. Only if it’s a manifestation of an idea. But yeah. Copyrighting so no-one steals your product and makes millions of dollars off of it while you aren’t looking.

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Contact the Patent and Trademark Office. They can give you all sorts of advice.



Is to draw up a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that anyone you mention your idea to cannot steal it out from under you – even before you copyright or patent the idea.

You should be able to find an example of a Non-Disclosure Agreement somewhere on the web.

But seriously, everyone you know that you might mention this to needs to sign a Non-Disclosure – even your mother!


Before you do anything else, write down everything: When you first came up with the idea, what it is in detail, etc. A timeline or journal with drawings. Then make one copy, but send the original back to yourself, certified mail, and DON’T open it. This is called a paupers patent. It doesn’t really DO anything, but it shows it was your idea before a certain date.

A provisional patent (“patent pending”) is an inexpensive next step.

Don’t use one of those inventor’s 800 numbers- they get you to pay money up front, then tell you things you can find out for free. (Such as a patent search for other similar ideas.)

If you are really serious, definitely get a patent attorney and a marketing agent.

If you’re really serious, and really broke, YOU have to get real and get to work.
1) Evaluate your idea. Anyone can do market research on the web.
2) Get a local college student to make a prototype as a project. Or do it yourself. You need this!
3) Find a way to finance a small production run of 100 or so, then sell them on ebay. This tells you alot about your market and is great info to show an agent later.
4) You can patent this yourself (lots of terrible paperwork) but if you show how serious you are, and have a prototype and market research in hand, you can probably get someone to represent you for a percentage of the first run, or something similarly equitable.

5)BE PATIENT. It is a very slow process, so don’t quit your day job, or start shopping for yachts and small islands. ;)

Good Luck!

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