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Polyphasic Sleep
You need a REALLY flexible schedule

I did it for a month, and when I was able to fall asleep, it was awesome. I had SO much time to do SO much. After a month, despite some fascinating successes (and lucid dreams, which I had never had before), my fellow very health conscious friend made me realize that I could conceivably do irreparable damage to my brain (I was 18 at the time), which is actually not as likely as it sounds. As Steve Pavlina says in one of his polyphasic sleep-related posts, polyphasic sleep and sleep deprivation are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT; do not put them in the same category; this would be a mistake. If you were permanently damaging your brain, you’d be able to tell and you wouldn’t feel great.

My advice: DON’T LISTEN TO NAYSAYERS!!! People are so anti-anything-better-that-may-require-effort it’s unbelievable. It may be wise to not even tell other people. I used to excitedly tell others about my experiments (I am very much an intellectual and very into self-improvement), but I always, always, always always got shot down. I don’t tell other people and I don’t listen to their negativity. Follow Pavlina’s advice (which I wish I would have had; taking more frequent but still 20-minute naps is a GREAT idea; I tried taking longer ones and it didn’t work well), and good luck! Be sure to have plenty to do, too.

“Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds.”
—Albert Einstein


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