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work because I like to, not because I have to gain one good habit every week Design my own house Be kinder reinvent myself grow a garden of herbs and vegetables Sing in front of a crowd get a legal copy of windows xp Go skydiving jina86 wants to have normal sleep hours learn to belly dance Shelli wants to become a nurse feel beautiful write a sestina make my own website with games facebook less Write more learn army cadence songs to run to Visit Niagra falls design clothes Stop Drinking Alcohol get my ged online for free Fall in love with life Jun Kit Man wants to Drive across the USA watch Howl's Moving Castle Learn how to speak fluent Spanish live in california go ice fishing Keep a journal get my motorcycle license Be the best Mum I can be visit antarctica be more confident open my own bakery think positively get a photograph published make my own advice column appreciate my parents find my dad createkg wants to Lose 30 pounds Find someone who loves me for me stop eating fast food how to make my own friendster layout Save $1000 Create my own techno music Grow in Christ see how i will look when im older Run the New York Marathon madamwitty wants to make my own cards Learn Portuguese Read all the books in the Warriors Series by: Erin Hunter have groupies buy a new SLR digital camera decide what the hell I would like to do with the rest of my life watch naruto episodes for free Learn AppleScript live to be 30 create my own computer game marry Brad Pitt find new friends find someone's password Stay awake for 24 hours go to Heaven be happy Harmless Dilettante wants to Improve my social skills write a screenplay Learn AJAX style programming Upgrade my PC backpack through Europe let go bellydance pay off my debt YamiNoSensei wants to identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) take a photograph every day paint my kitchen watch every Steven Spielberg movie financial independence become a magazine editor go on a road trip with no predetermined destination Visit Egypt more money learn arabic Get a new wardrobe Appreciate people for who they are Vousavec wants to Learn Spanish Clean out my closet. make brendon urie of panic! at the disco fall in love with me find the name of a song love and be loved in return Grow roses and herbs in my garden have female friends and chat with them online get my septum pierced sing in church choir ldklf wants to read a book Kiss in the rain start exercising InshaAllah memorize the Quran Watch All Family Guy Episodes see more films lose 20 lbs سكس زينب go to church Be a good sister speak english fluently learn french wear sunscreen have no regrets boosterjuicegirl wants to Be myself get a real job Run around town in a bear suit