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How to do the Buy Local Challenge


Theskysthelimit1976 Searching for Sky

Definitely what I lean towards...

...for so many reasons… But in the long winter…. what do you do? The farmer’s markets are gone and I’m stuck with products from across the globe!

Chris Campbell is getting things done.

We’re really lucky here in that the market runs year round. It moves inside in the fall and winter.
The CSA box also runs through the year. In the winter there are a lot more root vegetables from earlier in the season along with some greens from greenhouses, but it’s all local and quite delicious.
Living in a very fertile farming valley definitely has benefits.

Theskysthelimit1976 Searching for Sky

That is

Awesome and makes me want to move! : )

Theskysthelimit1976 Searching for Sky

Guess what????

I found an indoor farmer’s market about 15 minutes from home!!! Ha! I think the conversation here may have made me open my eyes a little wider!

Chris Campbell is getting things done.

That’s great!
I didn’t realize how lucky I was living here until a few years ago when I became a lot more conscious of all of the food around me that was growing in the fields. I’d see it and drive and bike by it, but wouldn’t realize that I could be eating it and helping out my neighbours as well.

Theskysthelimit1976 Searching for Sky


turns out the “farmer’s market” just say the words on the front of the building. It’s just a little market with nothing local. I live no where near peru, yet that is where my pears are from…. Oh well…. the weather is warming up so the outdoor markets will return soon!

Chris Campbell is getting things done.

I think that the “buy local” and healthy food movements spread and that more people can have more healthy and local options for food. There is nothing better than an outdoor market with all sorts of fresh food around!

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