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How to list qualities the perfect mate(for me) should have


(This comment was deleted.)

iamevoxus there is freedom in letting go

hey mrcreed

firstly, its probably good that u gave up on this goal… cos making a list of all the attributes ur perfect mate should have… well… when i see people doing this… i jsut think well good luck with that… ur more than likely gonna stay single if u have all those conditions…. thats just my thought on it. also, ur perfect mate will come along when u least expect it, i trully believe that,.

also yeah its cliche, but no one can love you until u love yourself… so start loving urself, take care of urself, do the things u enjoy, try new things, spend time with friends and family – u will feel happier and content and in doing so, ur soulmate will gravitate towards this happy cool person. if ur in a indifferent/negative space, people arent atracted to that. so u have to be what u what you want in ur life, and the kind of person you want. basically as ghandi said, u have to be the change u want to see.

dont give up on urself ok ! sorry if this came accross as a sermon, wasnt meant to be :) (and yeah i know its easy to talk, but try and stay positive) – good luck whatever u do

Gumersinda I'm back!

I agree is better to finish with this goal. The perfect mate doesn’t exist, but loving someone else and having someone else loving you can be great.
Start by loving yourself and just see what happens…

catita72 looking for my inner light

Love yourself

Can include a list of a perfect mateĀ“s ideal qualities
. Then cultivate these traits in yourself to ever be worthy of such a mate.

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