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How to love my body and write a loving body manifesto to avoid destructive thoughts


Geo58 Former NFL Pro Bowl Junior Seau dead at 43

Your story is so inspiring...

I am learning more about myself and revealing myself again on n43 things, writing down the story and yes I am afraid…but your story seemed to make the fear go away…

My fear, was sounding like a broken record and being told, :”George, I am so sick of hearing about your this and that, your link to this past story and that past story, haven’t we heard enough, for gosh sakes George, shut up already, leave it alone…” I am still concerned but I will still write it and say, “I don’t care what people think and feel the fear and do it anyway…

Wasn’t it Eleanor Roosevelt who told people to do something scaring every day? So that you can go beyond your wildest dreams? I think there’s even a book out about a young woman and how she took Eleanor’s quote to heart for a whole yeas! She did something scary every day for a whole year, so she learn to grow…


George ;)

Aya-chan has gotten 3 cheers on this entry.


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