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In It For The Gravitas Vetch. Naam to suna hoga.


Good news! I’m glad you found something! 8)

jane keeps on trucking

Whew! Yes... after 7 long years

Thank you! It is not yet a complete process, quite yet. I still don’t quite have the certainty of a signed lease – haven’t met the landlord… had some odd dealings with a strangely unreachable real estate agent. All of that gave me a scare yesterday when it occurred to me that this could all be a scam.

I have talked with several people about possible ways that things could go wrong, and got the real estate woman on the phone this morning, so I feel more assured that things will proceed. But, I’ll be so much more relaxed when I actually have the keys in hand and am sitting in the living room of my new place :)

Now that I am just ONE WEEK SHY of having the sweet cloister of my very own private space (after 7 years in the hell of living closely quartered with emotionally volatile people – and 5 years before that of sub-letting someone ELSE’s tiny apartment, full of his garbage and clutter) I am just holding desperately tight to the dream of having a safe little space of my own, at long, long last.

I can’t wait!!!!

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