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How to clean 7 things up in my room each day.


20 seconds

My mother taught me that if you have twenty seconds, you should put it away (whatever it is). It usually takes less than 20 seconds to put something away, and it’s rare that you don’t have 20 seconds (unless you are running for the bus or your kid is in the street or something equally dire). Sometimes I clean up in a series of 20-second intervals.

clean 7 things up in my room each day

...Hmmmm…my mother originally taught me some of the same things mags…...how about your fathers’ stuff?

Perfect Radiance

Beginnings Here Finding Me in ease in 2014

Thanks for all the cheers and comments

This is so simple. Maybe in the complexity of managing everything, these simple lessons from the past help.

For me, the 7 would lead to more. Other days, it was all I could do, but I allowed myself to know it was enough.

Once, I moved 7 business cards to my office and called it a day!

I don’t know why, but once I had my daughter my home was never in order. Now that she is away, my home is in order. It wasn’t her though. It was me. Too much on my mind and to do. Complexity.

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