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How to brush my hair 100 times before I go to bed every night for a week


☠ dustball jin ☠ a star that travels into holes to get a sense of how it ends

Can’t believe I’m a dude giving that advice to a girl but putting the right products helps a great deal when it comes to tangled hair (I break lots of hair from excessive brushing). However if I apply conditioner or a mask, I hardly have to brush it all afterwards. Do I sound vain right now ?

lol :)

Nope, if you have hair you should look after it!

(You never know it may be gone someday!!!!)

Whenever I buy new shampoo and conditioner I buy two conditioners because I use a lot of it.

I have had my hair every colour there is and I have bleached it so many times I have to use lots of product so it doesn’t get in really bad condition.

It has just been pure laziness because i’m not working at the moment so I don’t leave the house as much as I would usually.

☠ dustball jin ☠ a star that travels into holes to get a sense of how it ends

I too buy a lot more conditioner than shampoo (my hair is very dry so I hardly need to shampoo it at all, however I need like half a bottle of conditioner every time).

Must be fun trying every colour ! I used to want blue hair but it would look silly on me ‘cause it’s very thick and curly already. I did relax it when I was 17-18 but it destroyed it so I wasn’t going to add bleaching + a colour over that ! It did give me the opportunity to experience what non-aerodynamic hair feels like for a little year :)

Sometimes I miss the shaved head look, it’s less work (but I get self-conscious without hair to hide behind).

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