How to do one thing each week that i didn't think i could ever do


proudauzzie 2014: My year of renewal.


I found this very motivating and encorgaging. Thankyou for being an inspiration.

naturalsoapgirl needs sleep...

Very cool. This inspired me. Too often I fall back on those same excuses. Maybe I need to do something similar. Great job!

gottawonder Loves her tortoise!

What a great goal!

That’s a good way of looking at it. One thing a week.

I don’t know if I feel that I do anything that people say I can’t do, though. The people I know are pretty rugged. They expect you to be able to do just about everything.

Everyone around here is farmers, and they do just about everything themselves.

There’s a lot I could learn, like how to change a tire, how to change my own oil, how to run a chainsaw, and there are a thousand power tools my husband has that he would love it if I learned how to use them.

I did learn how to use a belt sander and a power drill, and I have used an air nailer. I know how to drive the ride on lawn mower, and use the gas-powered weed whacker. I split wood with an axe, too, once it’s cut into lengths with a chainsaw.

I have put in fence posts with a manual fence-post digger (it isn’t easy), and I operate a big push snow blower.

I am supposed to learn how to drive a tractor soon, as we are making a deal with our neighbour. If we buy a big snow blower that pulls behind a tractor, we can use his tractor but we will have to do his lane too. At some point we will have to buy a little tractor.

I am trying to challenge myself with my painting. I want to do better, so I am trying to paint more, and learn from all these books I bought.

zdechlinka no more excuses!

An urge to do SOMETHING has suddenly started flowing through me, your story is so motivating!
It’s made me think about my own attitude and now I know that from now on, every time I’ll be standing in front of a task, I’l think about what you’ve written here.

Thank you, really.
It’s people like you that make the 43 things such a great place!

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