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I’m very glad to hear that you just went vegetarian! However, I have to tell you that no matter how local or “humane” a dairy farm is, it is never truly humane. Farmers are profiting off the reproductive organs of animals. No matter what, calves cannot drink their mother’s milk (at least not as much as they should) – otherwise all us humans would have no milk to drink! We don’t want those calves drinking up all our milk, do we? It’s unfair to the calves, and it’s unfair to the mother cows. Almost ALL dairy cows will be sold into the meat industry as soon as their production declines. This is usually after about 5 years. Boy calves are generally killed off as veal. PLEASE I beg you to learn more about what it really takes to get a glass of milk. I have plenty of info about this on my blog:

You have your heart in the right place. Going vegetarian is a big deal and I am so glad you have come this far. But please don’t stop learning the truth. I used to be comfortable being a lacto-vegetarian, but when I learned about what really goes on in the dairy industry I was even more disgusted and disturbed than I ever was about the meat industry. Please just be open to the information.

Going vegan was the easiest choice I have ever made. It just makes sense. I have never looked back and I feel better now than I have ever felt. The only people who say veganism is hard are people who:

a) Never tried, or
b) Tried and failed

If you need help, I’m here for you!

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Philosophically, which is better, for a cow to never have been born, or to have been raised as a food source, if it was raised humanely?

In my opinion the issue is quality of life, and how do you determine that anyway?

I just don’t think it’s as black and white as people try to make it seem.

Now obviously the large-scale meat and dairy companies are really disgusting, that is not up for debate at all.

But ultimately death comes for us all, whether we are used as a food source immediately or through decay and absorption into soil.

I also wonder, if people didn’t support local dairies which are at least the lesser of the evils, would it be better to have factory farms only?

What about the quality of life of our clothing and electronics manufacturers?

I think I could become a vegan, but I don’t like to make these decisions lightly

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