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How to become A Winx Fairy


Um, can you teach me the spell?? I Think I might be a fire since I’m drawn to heat, and I kinda caught myself on fire while cooking, and (it wasn’t like directly on me, but on my apron) I felt funny were hte fire was close to my skin, in a good way, so I know im getting there but need that extra umph.

Flora From Lynphia is Becoming a Winx Fairy

Well I don’t quite remember the spell, but I got it from a website. I searched on google ‘Simple spells to become a Winx club fairy’ and I looked and looked and found it… I also made a wish on Real Wishes Granted

Thank you!


that happened to me too one day (i was four)
there was a candle on the table i was looking at it then i put my hand over it . it touched me quickly , i kept my hand over it then all the sudden the flame went big and i didnt get burned all it did was make me feel stronger

ravan_bird is trying to find people to help

what spell did you use to get you power plz tell me

nikki2222 is looking op how to become a fairy

please tell me how to do this i’ve tried to move and control water but my powers are too weak

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