How to be a vegetarian for a week


Bilal Al-Bakri needs new plan


being a vegetarian is good thing
so you doing it temporary ? or planning to make it as a habit ?
also do you do it fr health reason ? for believes ? or just because no money for good meat ?
wish you luck

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it’s a good thing – but for me just temporary. eating meat is also important – i don’t fully believe in vegetarian philosophy. i see importance of complex meals.
but for some amount of time – it’s really great and refreshing (body and mind). and so, it can be a habit, of course.
yes, health reasons are here, but am like more happy cause of mind-oriented profits. no money – haha, hopefully it’s just now ;). i’m not planning to quit meat forever. lack of money somehow helps to choose veggie-days, that’s all.
thank you & wish you luck too!

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