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How to stop caring what other people think of me


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with compassion

I agree with everything you’ve written, and am happy for you that you’ve had these breakthroughs.

I would also like to add the clause that it is important to act and speak with compassion.

Making yourself happy is all well and good. And only you can take care of you, and invest in the things that make you feel wonderful. It can also bring much joy to lighten another’s emotional state, and offer support and affrimation.

So it is a dance of balancing, and acting with kindness, awareness, and compassion towards all, including our selves as worthy too :)

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You don’t come across as a hurtful person, but I agree with Dreamdancer.

Speaking your mind…kindly…while still expressing your feelings, is a great goal for anyone.

You sound like a fun person, and I can’t imagine there are too many people who are critics. Jealous, perhaps, people who aren’t as brave, or as fun loving as you. Fear or feeling threatened brings out the critic in small people.

Glad you’re free now.

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i’m so jealous. haha! coz even though how much I tried to tell myself to speak whatever going on my mind, I cant. I’m afraid that people would judge me and talk behind my back which happened to me before. I’m not that strong enough to hear their gossips about me without hurting. thats why I am very happy that u made it :)

Thanks. I hope you achieve this soon. I wish I could help you. But really it’s a choice you make. You have to know yourself. You have to believe in what you think, and there won’t be space for other people’s opinion about yourself. People are so relative. You will never be able to please everyone, so you might as well, please yourself. And I have to tell you… I don’t have many friends, but all the people that stick around, love me for who I really am =) Take care!

People gossip about you because you respond in the way they expect you to. With time you will learn to be less reactive and trust your own self more. There is no stress, really. Be easy on yourself. In time you’ll see there really is no need to seek the approval of others who you probably don’t really give a damn about anyway, and speaking your mind and standing for your own won’t seem as risky. Wishing you the best.

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