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How To Overcome Bad Mood

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Bad Moods

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How to overcome bad moods


this is just a test cheering back. Eventually.

So true!

Good for you.

johnest Is no longer on here.

Next Generation

That show has a soothing quality for me too, and, ironically, it takes me back to simpler times.

Opera Riot feast when you can, and dream when there's nothing to feast on

I think netflix categorizes it as a

“cerebral, mind-bending, feel-good tv-series”. Or something like that. It really is soothing and a little nostalgic—makes me remember hoping as a kid that, after just enough time passed, things would really get better.

I caught a screening of Back to the Future this weekend (at an opera house, no less!), and was pretty pleased with that—I think “feel-good” entertainment is winning my favor. There’s just something encouraging about everybody getting what they deserve in the end. ;)

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