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How to appreciate my parents


Appreciate the Parents

Hi Alli

You are right !..In hindhu mythology there is a saying that, Mother Father, Guru, God, First prefrence is for mother and then father after Guru and then only God. This says the importance of Parents.

Today in the busy life schedules we can see that peoples taking their parents to old age homes, which is one of most cruel thing in a persons life. We have to make a feel in our parents that we are giving care to them. This makes them happy in their old age life.

Nice to see your family ! Good Bless !

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Isabel would love to have endless cheers to handout!!!

Great for you and your parents, Ally!!!

I’mm really happy for you and your parents, Ally!!!
The fantastic thing is that you gained an appreciation for your parents early on. There are somme things that aren’t immediately apparent, so we don’t fully understand.
All along I’ve appreciated his dedication as a single father to mmy younger sister & I. His parental style was ‘authoritorian.’ I spoke up ALOT, when I moved out. You can immagine, going fr the ‘obedient’ to the ‘outspoken’; lots of disagreements; argueing.
I’ve mmanaged to establish a better relationship with mmy Dad. That was only a short timme ago – perhaps 5 years. Two years ago, I mmoved to a different country & the immpression of family & friends has deepened even further. I’mm lucky to have such strong connections in that way.
I love your beamming fammily pic!!! Great to see!

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Ally ~ conceivable, measurable, achievable, aligned, worthwhile, desirable.


That is so fantastic to hear you have become so much closer to your Dad. It certainly takes time, but in the end it is definitely worth it and now I cannot even begin to express just how grateful I am to have parents I have. I am so happy for you Isabel, and I hope the relationship you have with him continues to go well. Much love x

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