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How to get into art again


Lune Fromage: Born of Stardust dances the line between two worlds...

What a wonderful article and what a wonderful story!

I am so happy that you were able to embrace your artistic side again. There’s something about seeing other people being happy that makes me feel happier about myself too. I am inspired. I never really lost my artistic side, but I have never really known what I want to do with my life and I always feared having a job that I hate. I always wanted to travel, create, and help people; I’m not sure how I’m going to make that into a job, but your entry makes me feel less afraid of what the future will become. Even if I have a job that I dislike, I can still be an artist and an adventurer. :) It’s nice to have those reminders and know that I am not so alone in the world. Thank you and good luck in all your endeavors (artistic and otherwise) now and in the future. :)

salsera01 be kind to yourself

Thank you!

How kind of you to comment. I am glad if I inspired you. You are definitely not alone. I have the same obstacles as you. Being a creative soul, wanting work and life with meaning, and also to help people.
It’s been one of the hardest themes in my life, to balance creativity with making a decent living, I have yet to discover if I will be able to make a decent career out of art or if it’s best kept for me as a great sideline. The bottom line is that I wanted to keep it up and I am glad to start listening to what brings me joy again.
That has meant a lot of filtering out other people’s chatter (art is for when you’re young, not for grown ups, art will never make you rich and all that) and saying: Hey I really want more of this in my life.
If you make small steps to incorporate any or at least some of those things you want to do and have, it might help you feel like you’re moving forward. At least, this is what I have discovered.
Too often we can feel so far from our dreams, it is so discouraging. But you can find mini ways to make them real now by doing real things with them rather than keep it in your head or the clouds. Good luck in all your endeavours too :) Thank you for reading and for your positivity!

The Hermit Be the change you want to see in the world

Great post!

I really enjoyed reading it, thank you.

salsera01 be kind to yourself

You're welcome :D

I like your tagline!

Be the change you want to see in the world.

It’s so true.

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