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Spatz .☆.☆.What a wonderful life.☆.☆.

Oh how exciting!

Tell us, are the brushes as wonderful as all the people say in their testimonials?
I’ve been going around ordering some for months now!

koibito_k8 is enjoying being back on 43Things


Last night I gave the dish brushes a whurl and they seemed to be okay. I only had one slightly challenging dish to wash which was a cheesy spaghetti fork. With my normal dish clothes this would take a bit of scrubbing to get it clean but with the dish brush it only took like a quick scrub back and forth until it was all gone so I was pretty happy with that.

I’m still deciding what to use my rubber scrubber and purple rags on. I don’t want to ruin them!

Spatz .☆.☆.What a wonderful life.☆.☆.

Thank you!

Now I’m curious how the rubber scrubber and purple rags will do!

Keep us posted :)

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