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Songs to learn intervals

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Recognizing Musical Intervals

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How to recognize musical intervals


Gemma Clement Damn, Life is good!!!


If you’re having trouble recognizing intervals here are some ways of over coming that.

Relating certain intervals to songs

Perfect Octave: Somewhere over the rainbow
Maj 7: (A tendency tone. You can hear it pulling towards the octave)
Maj 6: My bonnie lies over the ocean
Perfect 5th: Starwars Theme
Perfect 4th: Here comes the bride
Maj 3rd: Beginning of an arpeggio
Min 3: Oh Canada or Oh christmas tree
Maj 2: Do to Re
Min 2: Jaws theme

Hope that helps!

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does this mean

that you jump from a note (Oh) to the second one (Canada) is an interval (in this case a Min 3). Shouldn’t there be 13 jumps since there are 12 notes (the 13th being an octave)?

Gemma Clement Damn, Life is good!!!

Yes, I’m speaking in terms of the notes being played consecutively. And I think you’re right, there would be about 13 intervalic jumps, I just don’t know songs for all of them.

I forgot to include a diminished 4th/augmented 5th, it’s known as the devils interval. It sounds evil and it was banned from being played in churches in the earlier centuries.
As for min6 and min 7, You just have to get to know their sounds. If you’re having trouble recognizing an interval and you know it isn’t one of the ones you are confident in, you can narrow it down (in my case it would min6 and min7) What I do is:

Say a min 7 is played and I have a suspicion that that is what it is, I’ll sing to my self the interval of a major 6th and see if the 6th sounds lower or higher. If it sounds a semitone higher then you know that that’s what it is.
And not to pile too much information on you but you can also sing a dominant arpeggio to yourself (which contains the min7 interval from the 1st note to the last)

Hope that helps!

Here’s a website that you practice your interval recognition

Have fun! Music is a beautiful thing!

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