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How to heal my chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


(This comment was deleted.)

sitruunapuu loves ♥

Thank you... much for such a kind comment – I’m so grateful for someone to know from their own experience what I tried to put into words. :) (Much left unsaid, though… it’s impossible to put something like healing COPD into one “How I did it” entry.) Healing a severe “incurable” illness really is a personal journey, something to be walked alone, and it has much more depth to it than I ever imagined it would. For a long time I thought it wouldn’t require much more than the perfect diet, maybe a treatment or two, and other things like that, but in the end it not only required major steps in the physical world and a much more perfect diet than I thought it would, but also a major change in my whole being. An overwhelming but a very worthwhile challenge to tackle.

I am so glad to hear about your health! Just awesome! It’s incredible what our bodies are able to do if we give them the chance :) Sending even more health, joy and love your way. ♥


This is absolutely the most inspirational thing I’ve read on 43 Things. You’ve offered real insight into the process. Many of the goals people have here on 43 Things are not linear goals with clear, ordered steps. Thanks for reminding us of this. I hope that more and more people are beginning to see the fallacies of our medical system and are taking matters into their own hands. Sincere gratitude.


sitruunapuu loves ♥

Thank you... much for your kind comment, Lola! It’s been a great journey – in the end a more spiritual and mental experience than physical. I think it’s only a matter of time the majority will realise the path our medical care has taken isn’t going to lead to health, but how long that’ll actually still take and how many more people will have to suffer and die unnecessarily, I don’t know. But a change is already happening and more and more people are taking their health into their own hands.

Have a beautiful 2013! ♥


Would you please be more kind to mention your fev1% – while you were diagnosed and after you did heal yourself? Im so intrigued because as you know unlike cancer, COPD is relative – if you have an fev1 of 79% your reading might establish a diagnosis of COPD and not so with 80%. Im sure if you could reply, it would be of immense help to those who are trying to heal what the medical community has labelled as COPD.


An Inspirational post

Im sorry … Forgot to mention that your post was a very inspirational one.

I do admire your noble intention in sharing your experiences.

I agree with Afri.

Thank you for sharing ! We strange people who like to cure incurable diseases are of course still in the minority but I believe our numbers are growing :-)

I had almost the exact same experience with MS and cancer with the exception that I wasn’t only about to go to medical school but already was there when I was diagnosed :-) The mental side was difficult to handle because I was in a real hurry with the cancer (had got only two months to live). It was quite a ride and I had to abandon almost everything I had believed in and studied. (After healing MS too I couldn’t stay in medical school anymore but had to drop out, my thinking was too far from mainstream to be able to stay.) These experiences are indeed difficult to put into words because even though in one way they’re very simple in the end, in another they’re too complicated to express ; only someone who has experienced the exact same thing can really understand the process.

Hugs and best wishes !

sitruunapuu loves ♥

Thank you, Daniel!

You’re such an incredible inspiration for what is possible for a human being!

The mental side was really tricky for me as well – it is not the easiest thing to do to start wondering whether everything you’ve believed in and thought about health could have been wrong all along, and open yourself up to the possibility that the other side and the complete opposite way of looking at health – something you might have ridiculed in your mind along the way, thinking it just cannot work – could actually be where the healing lies. It is a very humbling experience to realise how wrong one can be, and it reminds you of the fact that most likely you’re never fully right about anything and haven’t found the final truth about health (or anything) yet – I’m sure I still haven’t found it.

Thank you for being open about having healed “incurable” illnesses – I think it’s really important that we strange people openly talk about the subject and don’t “stay in the closet” with it :-) Many of the people I’ve met that have healed “hopeless” illnesses tend not to talk about it to anyone unless they know the other person is on the same wavelength because it’s often a subject that causes a negative reaction in a lot of people, especially if they try to talk about how critically important taking full responsibility for one’s health is and that it cannot be given to a doctor or anyone else. It is understandable of course, both the reaction of some of the others (it’s certainly not the easiest thing to do to start taking full responsibility for your health and I know it took me a long time to get to the point when I was ready for doing that) and the not wanting to expose yourself to judgement and criticism, but knowing how much money there is behind giving people the impression that science and expensive drugs and treatments can be the only solution, it’s important we all who have found ways to heal would find the courage to openly be ourselves and let others find out that there could be another possibility for them to choose from. What people actually choose to do in the end doesn’t really matter to me as it is of course their business and their bodies, but it’d be amazing if more people knew that they might potentially have more options to choose from than just one (trying to ease the symptoms with the ways of Western medicine and be sick for the rest of their lives).

Sorry to ramble so much; I always get too excited when I meet people who have experienced the same and know what I’m talking about. :-) Thank you for being you and sharing your story!

No problem, ramble away ! :-) I love connecting with people who have healed illnesses that the majority thinks are incurable on their own ; there is without exception a higher level of consciousness in them (otherwise they would not have even thought of doing the ‘impossible’ and especially would not have succeeded because even though healing can be simple in the end, it is not easy). It takes a lot of the person to stop blaming the DNA, circumstances, other people, bad luck, doctors for their mistakes, etc, stop being the victim of the illness and waiting for someone or something else (doctor/science/research) to do the work, and take full responsibility and realize deeply that you are the only cause and the only solution to everything that happens in your reality. It takes a high level of consciousness and the dissolving of the ego to be able to do that without an ego reaction.

After healing my MS I thought I would have something amazing to share with the world and that everyone would want to hear how I did it ; was not the case at all :-) I’ve been some kind of a ‘mentor’ to a few people with MS and they are healthy now but most people are unfortunately beyond help at the moment ; they most likely need to experience more suffering before they are ready for what healing requires of a person.

In my experience the biggest issue in a chronic illness is not the physical part but that often the person has been sick for so long that it has become part of their identity ; they derive their sense of self from the illness. They want to feel better and suffer less but do not want to get completely healthy because by doing so they would lose their identity as a sick person and without it they would not know who they are. They go to support groups to deepen the identification with the illness and to create a community in which to be sick together and have a collective identification with the illness, spend their time educating people about their illness, their main source of sympathy and attention from others comes when they talk about their illness etc. Very few want to hear how to get healthy and their egos are offended if you dare to tell them that there could be hope in their case ; the identity as someone who has the most difficult and hopeless incurable disease cannot take it. I did not realize this in the beginning but understood quickly that it is only the certain kind of person that can be helped : someone who is so sick he couldn’t get any lower and he has nothing to lose, has already tried the western medicine method and has had it fail, being sick causes so much psychological pain that the pain of change is less, high enough level of consciousness that they are able to accept responsibility and stop blaming the outside world, etc. No matter how much I would want to help, it is usually not possible, and I often simply decide to avoid people who identify as their illnesses because it is too painful to watch them suffer and not be able to do anything. Of course I agree that everyone has the right to choose how to live and what to do with their bodies, but I also have the right to do the same and so have decided that I don’t want to have people in my life who do not want to be healthy ; the energy field around them is too negative.

I might have to write a “How to heal MS” entry as well. :-) I am one of those who did it through raw foodism but honestly am not sure anymore how much the diet affected in the end ; there are much more important things than that. Have to see if I can put it into words.

Lots of love and health !

tintaiwan Today i will practice fake smiling. I think i will like it.

Your experience is very inspirational. I had a benign tumor and part of my colon removed. In the past few years i’ve experienced severe acid reflux and am attacking it now with whole foods. It’s working and my hiccups and chest pains and dry mouth in the morning hours are less painful. I believe real foods(vegetables and fruits and grains can heal, cure, and prevent illnesses and diseases.

sitruunapuu loves ♥

Thank you so much!

Healing COPD was a very long and difficult road, so the best thing I can imagine would be if my experience could be of help and inspiration for someone else.

It’s awesome that you’ve found nutrition to be helpful, as well, and have taken your health into your own hands like that! It’s miraculous what can happen when one does that. :)

Wishing you much health and happiness. ♥

tintaiwan Today i will practice fake smiling. I think i will like it.

Personally i find your entries uplifting and inspiring

I put my health into my own hands. If i left my health into the hands of the medical professionals it is uncertain whether or not i’d be here today.

[Be a friend to your body and know that it is trying its best. Help it to heal.]

i so agree with this.

tintaiwan Today i will practice fake smiling. I think i will like it.

(.....but it’d be amazing if more people knew that they might potentially have more options to choose from than just one (trying to ease the symptoms with the ways of Western medicine and be sick for the rest of their lives).

the problem is that people don’t see a way out aside from taking meds or receiving chemo or radiation. People get scared and impatient and head straight to the doctor.

Need more help and suggestion

I was recently diagnosed with COPD. Searching the net for miracles, I came across your blog. Your blog was very much inspirational. But I do need more inputs regarding what kind of food to avoid and what to include. Dont consider me rude, but I would very much appreciate it if you can give the detail regarding your fev1 while you were diagnosed and after you healed yourself. I will be very much motivated by your answer.

Auntie B Belofg Good bye 43 things, thank you Robots, see y'all at PopClogs


I agree with your comment. I have reflux as well, two maternal aunts who have died of pancreatic cancer within 9 months of each other, there is colon, skin, stomach, and lung cancers as well.

When I eat simple unadulterated foods my body is comfortable. I don’t eat as much animal flesh (I still eat a speck of beef, I feel best when I do). I live with my elderly parents and they’re fairly open to slow gentle changes in their diets.

If I eat too much wheat, sugar, caffeine, my body becomes a battle ground. My joints ache, my skin breaks out painfully, my skin is also sallow, my emotions are brittle. I’m so, so, tired, as well. I used to think that much of the diet advice was a bunch of nonsense, I’ve since recanted. I just see too many positive and negative effects as my diet changes.

I’m beginning to respect my body. that God created and pronounced good. Who am I to harm it with bad habits?


Abundance42 get on top of my to do list.....

Truly inspiring share

My colleague (medical scientist) is looking at one arm of the immune system (T cells deactivation) as one of the ways which he believes may help COPD…....he did say that even if he finds the “magic molecule” only solves one part….....he strongly believes a hollistic approach is where we all should go towards…......he works hard with his experiments hoping he could make a difference….... he knows its impossible….....yet everyday he wakes up hoping he could at least contribute in some way….......just thought of sharing about hard working people out there that are trying theyre best to help in their own way…......

sitruunapuu loves ♥

There certainly...

...are amazing researchers and scientists out there who genuinely want to help – I think the lack of money is the biggest issue that is slowing them down. Drug companies are always there to fund research on drugs, but generally speaking no one has the money to do big studies on more holistic things (no one makes much money if patients change their diets or water fast, for example, so no one has financial interest to fund such studies). It’s tricky – I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love to study things other than drugs and expensive treatments but most of the time the money just isn’t there.

Thank you for the comment! :)

channelofabundance Love More & Worry Less

Thank You ((sitruunapuu))

for sharing the breath of life with us
every breath you give and take I am grateful.

I can imagine and see …
how beautifully we are
one lung together
we breathe together.
as Deepak Chopra shared, the trees are one with your lung.

When you used to suffer, we feel with you.
When you healed, we are healed with you.
every breath you give is a miracle I am grateful.

Thank you for everything you did or you did not do, mostly thank you for allowing to experience this feeling together and see you overcome that I may reflect and remember to be grateful of every breath we have. :)

sitruunapuu loves ♥


Thank you so much for your kind words, your support is so appreciated. :) ♥

channelofabundance Love More & Worry Less

I wish this wonderful message ..

of hope will reach to as many people who is going through this. (I wish my Dad had a chance to read this)

Thank you ((sitruunapuu))

Sands66 hoping for more cheers and for more people to share my goals

A post worth its weight in gold

This is the most worthwhile post I’ve ever read. I’m down with “acute” bronchitis right now and it’s been an absolutely horrible month of it. At times, I’ve been literally choking as mucus clogs my airways. I know that my immune system is not as efficient as it should be. Your post deepens my resolve to do what I need to do to build it up. It’s going to be hard, but it will definitely be worth it.

sitruunapuu loves ♥

Thank you... much Sands66 for such kind words – you really have no idea how much your comment means to me. I can’t imagine a better outcome from having gone through this path with COPD than to be able to be of help to others in every little way I can.

I’ve no doubts that you’ll be able to heal – I’m sending lots of energy and health your way :) ♥

NualaBuala Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life

Thank you

for your amazing post!

You’ve expressed many things I’ve learnt but would not have been able to write about so articulately.

Western medicine couldn’t offer me anything helpful when I got M.E/Chronic Fatigue. It really doesn’t understand it. But I don’t think about that label any more, I am just figuring out what I need as I go and gradually getting back to health. But I’m also quite comfortable with where I’m at now even if it’s not as physically healthy as I once was. I’m certainly more spiritually healthy and like you, I needed to go through all this to open up in that way.

Also, I was headed for a career in western healthcare – I’ve turned my back on that for so many reasons, not least because I would be miserable doing something that doesn’t seem interested in getting to the underlying causes.

Thanks once again … I wish you health and happiness!

sitruunapuu loves ♥

Thank you... much for sharing a little bit of your story – I’m so glad you liked this entry! I was actually diagnosed with CFS/ME too a few years ago so I’m very familiar with how little doctors know about it. Not that they’d know about healing any illness in general, though, or anything that goes beyond treating. But I try not to bash Western medicine too much so I’m stopping here :-)

I’m wishing you much health and happiness as well ♥ (((NualaBuala)))

tikini wikini a fond farewell to 43Things

grateful you took the time and effort to share all this

True healing does come from within. It seems paradoxical to embrace both wellness and sickness, but when one is suffering the first step is to accept the suffering.

Over my lifetime I have sought help with various illnesses in many places. Homeopathy is pretty much my go-to remedy for routine problems. Lots of water. Exercise. Uncomplicated and fresh food, tampered with as little as possible. An attitude of not exactly wellness but of wellness being a reachable goal.

You did an amazing job of explaining your journey. I felt like I recognized some of the path you were on.

congratualtions on overcoming COPD. Wishing you aloha.

Meri Sand Strive for progress, not perfection

Congratulations and thank you for sharing

My father also healed his COPD, primarily by switching to a whole food, plant based diet. I usually just tell others that he is vegan and leave it at that, but it really is more than simply not eating animal products. He changed his approach to health completely. He went from having bronchitis 9 months out of the year, having pneumonia periodically and feeling sick all the time from all the steroids and antibiotics (he developed food intolerances from the antibiotics and would get strep and additional bouts of bronchitis from the steroids), to being able to leave the house, go for walks and function. When he refused to take any more steroids or antibiotics, he was finally able to kick the bronchitis marathon and stop the horrible stomach problems. When he stopped eating meat, dairy, eggs, refined sugars and processed food, he went from testing at 30% to 80% on his lung function tests within a little over six months.

His traditional doctors were stumped, because COPD “can’t go into remission,” but his did! He had it for years and his doctors told him that the only reason he was getting around at all during that time was because he’d always exercised, eaten healthy and didn’t smoke. But even his “healthy” habits at the time weren’t enough. He started doing research and found alternative theories of health and nutrition. He took a course on nutrition designed for doctors through Cornell’s online program with one of the authors of the China Study, etc. He still has severe asthma and allergies, but all tests show no sign of COPD and he has more energy and vitality than he has in years!

Regardless, thank you for sharing your story. It’s important for people to do more than simply buy into a dire prognosis and medication for life. Some kinds of meds are necessary (insulin for diabetics or thyroid pills for my friend who lost her thyroid to cancer), but some medical methods of managing certain conditions are harmful or do not address the root cause of the problem. Some methods are only effective up to a point and lifestyle changes that go beyond what western medicine would suggest are needed to give one some measure of quality of life. (That friend who lost her thyroid also radically changed her lifestyle with exercise, vegan diet, supplements, acupuncture, etc. and has been cancer free for over a decade. She’s even teaching aerobics and learning trapeze now.) The more examples people see of others taking charge of their health, the better!

Wishing you the best in health and life,

Lagnappe2 There is no security in life, only opportunity. Mark Twain


‘They feel the solution to their health problems lies within themselves and not in the outside.’
Thank you for this most thoughtful, intelligent and luminous entry.

Why is nobody

taking my question seriously?

This is so interesting. I have known a few people who have had pulmonary problems too. I never thought that Chinese medicine would be the cure! I think that is way awesome! Thanks for sharing your story. I know a great place for Chinese medicine that I can suggest to my friends!
Suzy |

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