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How to become a mermaid when you touch water


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cleo11223344 drinking water and i am a mermaid now :)


ok i can tell you if you commet me

mermaidgirl4131 Live in the sunshine, swim the sea and drink the wild air

This is really cool how long did it take

stop it guyz listen to ME

go on real-wishes.com type in ur wish visit ur wish page 8 days in a row and it will cum true

(This comment was deleted.)


does this acctually work?..cuz i want to try it have u actually tried it?..and what did u wish and did it come true?

from grace

how did you become one please tell me or email me at trevilley@live.co.uk

(This comment was deleted.)


I really want to be a mermaid. But only when i touch water. How do i do it? :(

mermaid766 goin to touch water and have a tail

can u please tel me the spell u used please

i can tell...

hello and i can really tell that it IS working on
if you want my spell ill think about telling

...BE UPON ME…...........................................
....LET MY FEET RETURN TO ME…............


Did you make that spell up you self? because everyone says make up your own spell

How do you know your a mermaid when you’ve said it

i would like to become a mermaid

Can you please tell what spell did you use to become a mermaid pleaseeeee i would really like to know.

tell me please!!!

i know your not lieing but i know i’m a boy but i’d love to be a merman if you tell me i’ll give you my account and also my msn and password (not kidding) if you tell me and i try it if a become a merman i’ll will give you my msn!!!!!

i know one

get in the bath and poor heeps and heeps of salt in there then look at the moon but watherver u do DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR LEGS otherwise it wont work


does it have to be a full moon!!!!!!

sorry i forgot to tell you if you tell my the spell and it’s real will it be when i’m wet please?

MermaidInMe is waiting Cleo's aswer...

Please help me!!!!

Hi! Can you give me your spell? I love Mermaids, I love the Sea, You know I always wanted be a mermaid, with ALL MY HEART! I suscribed you… well… can you give me that spell?... Bye… Answer Me Soon! =)

katehotxxx i love mermaids


can u plz give me it and i belive u and i love mermiads so plz give me the spell

how do you do it?

how did u do it, please tell me?

MermaidLvr21 Wants to find her dolphin necklace


ive always wanted to become a mermaid, i tryed the insocant spell and it didnt work but now i get random anger and that was a side effect and im loosing my bffl because of it, so can you please send me that spell you used and tell me the side effects if there is any please thanks xxxx


please tell me i really want to become a mermaid from grace emaill me at trevilley@live . co .uk

can i have the spell

you are the worlds cleverest person i have ever known you are the best love saffy10845


that is the coolest tail i have ever seen for a mermaid it pretty and beautiful too!!!!!!!!!!

hiiiii cleo11223344

plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz tell me a spell that would turn me into a mermaid please tell me pleasev ;]

please tell me

please tell me your spell!!pleasex

contact me by going on msn and email me:


thanks bye

tell me

plz tell me I beg i seacred for 2 years and still havent found any thing I beg tell me plzzz im so serious im on my knees now

Emma98171 is becomeing a mermaid


please please tell me i have watched all the h2o serise please tell me

how long did it take

plz tell me what spell you use plz plz answer :)

(This comment was deleted.)

email me

ridershadow98@gmail.com please tell me i promise i wont expose it


Hey! i really wanna know how to do this really bad and i swear i would do it and keep it a secret well obviously you would know aha but please tell me!! thanks :D


can you please tell me i want to become a merman really bad and do you get powers you can either email me at zyonn@yahoo.com or you can text me at 8564176553


I want to be a mermaid so bad how do you become a mermaid besides I love your tail and your powers and I love Emma’s and Rickys and Bella’s powers I love every power you guys have

I already responded once so here is my email


My new email is


Cool tail can u tell spell

H2Ofan97 got new pics so check them out!

um…....there is a website at the bottom of that pic of “your” tail


don’t wanna offend u, but there is a website at the top of ur “tail”

H2Ofan97 got new pics so check them out!

that is a h2o tail. its from the first episode. oh yeah, in ur pictures, u arent cleo setori.

RosieRIOT Wilfred Owen is the true hero.


Thats not you.And you and your friends pretend to be the h2o girls,Is it some kinda club.Coz you know,my sister does that.Shes 5.
Love Zara.
(Rosies Mate)



hey can u please tell me the spell

I know i agree

mermaidwannabe123 has found a working mermaid spell!

plz tell me

can you tell me the spell and i think its really cool you have your tail i wish i was u

there is no time to look 4 spells just go on real-wishes.com type in ur wish visit ur wish page 8 days in a row and u wish will cum true trust me

dylane123 is tired

that mite be real

coz thats a piczo account at the top


can you please tell me how cause ive done reserch on mermaids or three years sence i was 8 please send me a mesage cause my e mail doesnt work i would really be happy

mermaidbelover yo dudes i havent been on 4 ever!

can you tell all of us?

h2oprincess is happy


please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mermaidloverbeliver tried a new spell and takes 1-6 weeks

the mermaid spell

please tell me the spell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont wast ur time lookin 4 spells go on real-wishes.com type in ur wish then visit ur wish page 8 days in a row and ur wish will cum true im sure with the power of 8 WARNING:there is only a sertn amount of wishes left so HURRY

mermaidloverbeliver tried a new spell and takes 1-6 weeks

r u there?

thank you for telling some clues i hope its going to work

(This comment was deleted.)

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cleo11223344 has gotten 15 cheers on this entry.


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