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How to industrial piercing



which area do you live in? im trying to compare some prices.

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miami…i went to tattoos by lou

its worth it

i got mine done alittle over a year ago i went to the lizard lounge in kissimmee fl it was 45 bucks. it didnt hurt me at all (depends on the person and pain tollerence) i agree take good care of it or it will hurt and not pretty. clean it about 2 times a day in the am clean it wiht peroxide and at night just regular sampoo or soap. twist it every day after the frist week and it will be just fine. i am looking forward to getting my other one done. if u do get it done make surre they put the barbell in when they pierce it NOT THE HOOPS!! they will grow out of our ear by time it heals the barbell is the best way to go!!!!!!!

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