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How to kick a guy in the nuts


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(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

Way To Go Girl!

As a male I think prevention is the best way to avoid being attacked, however every female should know how to defend themselves by going for the males most vulnerable and weakest area. A kick or knee will work, but it must be swift, very hard and accurate. I will agree that grabbing one testicle is much more effective and provides a secure grip rather than trying to grab hold of both of them because they will most likely slip, quickness and the element of surprise would be helpful. Once successfully applied and squeezed he would be helplessly immobile and paralyzed and will likely go unconscious within the 20 second period that was mentioned (probably much sooner).
My girlfriend told me about the “Death Grip” technique she learned from a college seminar film called “How To Say No To A Rapist”. Fortunately she didn’t try to demonstrate it on me. It points out what every girl should really know when it comes right down to real-life survival and defense. The most simple and sure method that will incapactate a guy is by firmly grabbing hold of “one” of his balls, cuffing it between you thumb and fingers which is more bonier and less soft than the palm of your hand. Then apply squeezing hard pressure until it gives (pops, burst, cracks or crushes).
You can then simply just walk away or stand there and watch him suffer because your attacker will definitely be in so much excruciating pain and agony from having one of his nuts severely busted that he will most likely pass-out and go into shock.
Just keep in mind that death is possible if he does not receive immediate medical attention, if you really care the choice is yours.
Hope this advice is somewhat helpful!

What is this really about?

I don’t think you guys are reading this post closely enough.

She’s doing a bit more than taking a proactive approach to her safety. When a person starts talking about, “disabling a man at the core of his sexuality” you have to understand that they have issues. Empowering yourself by looking for weaknesses in others is an unhealthy habit.

This post isn’t about self defence. If the girl wanted to learn the best ways to defend herself, she would have learned the various techniques necessary for doing so (groin kick included). And use those techniques in emergency situations.

Instead she obsesses over one way in which she can inflict tremendous amounts of pain, and seems proud of doing so:

“I delivered a frontal kick which landed perfectly.”

Notice the word “perfectly”. She doesn’t seem to realise that this is NOT a game, or a joke. It’s a person in pain.

If this “pest” had bothered her before she could have taken measures to prevent it from happening again (talk to the police).

Instead she learned the best way to cause him the most pain. She made her best attempt to inflict this pain, and then bragged about his suffering:

“He immediatly doubled up in agony and sank to the ground ending up curled into a ball, where he stayed for more than 10 minutes”

Regardless of if you feel sorry for this guy, you should feel concerned for this girl. Using violence to boost your confidence is pretty close to sadism.

I hope this girl can find a way to maintain her confidence in a way that is less harmful to her mental health (and others).

P.S. Rather than giving lectures about rupturing testicles, gauging eyes out, breaking knee caps, and all the other ways to inflict severe permanent damage, why don’t girls learn more practical skills such as:

1. Learn how to travel around safely (what routes to take, travel buddies, transportation, etc).

2. Bring a whistle, and pepper spray.

3. Keep your distance from strangers.

Last resorts are rarely necessary if you take the right precautions, so they only need be covered in cursory detail.

(This comment was deleted.)

I admire women like you!

I’ve been a fan of women’s self defence for years and have found some inspiring stories about how woman have defended themselves. Most successful women, like you, have learned that the testicles are the easiest way to disable a male. I read about an elderly woman attacked in her bed. She pursuaded her younger attacker to allow her to help him ease his penis into her and when her hand went to that spot she immediately took a firm hold of his balls. Squeezing them tightly, she led him to the phone where she called the police. She was standing there holding him by the balls when the police arrived. Another woman was attacked on a beach where she faked getting turned on and began carressing her attacker. Her hand moving down to his crotch. When she slid her hand around his balls he actually moaned in pleasure. Of course she knew what to do with those balls once she had them in her hand. I’ve read that women feel the highest sense of power when they have an attacker by the balls. I’m glad to find your post. I’m impressed at what you took the time to write for all to learn from. This stuff should be posted everywhere possible.

(This comment was deleted.)

Hi jej!
My nurse friend lent me a book which gave me the following information:
A man’s body reacts to pain signals from the testicles by violently contracting the stomach muscles, bending the body forwards in order to protect the delicate glands from further damage. This works well in the event of a strike, but when they are grabbed and squeezed, the prolonged pain keeps these muscles contracted while the squeeze is being applied, which has three main effects:
Firstly, the contracted abdominal muscles effectively paralyse the man, making him unable to move, or even fight back.
Secondly, this puts pressure on the stomach, causing the feeling of, and sometimes actual, nausea.
Thirdly, the diaphragm is prevented from drawing air into the lungs. It is the the subsequent starvation of oxygen which causes the loss of consciousness after about 20 seconds. When the man is unconscious, the muscles relax, and breathing resumes. This is why, painful though it apparently is, a male doesn’t normally die from such an attack.
Now, you are absolutely right when you say that squeezing both testicles would inflict more pain, but in a self-defence situation you can only spare one hand to attack, the other being needed to defend yourself. A girl’s hand is not able to exert a great deal of pressure, and if she held two testicles in it she wouldn’t be able to apply enough pressure to either gland to disable her attacker. By concentrating her effort on just one organ she is then able to cause that debilitating pain. In fact it is possible, just, for girl of average strength to rupture a testicle in this manner. The subsequent pain would surely be awful. And if a girl did get one testicle in each hand and squeeze with all her strength…..........
No, I haven’t tried a full-blown squeeze on a guy yet, and I hope I never have to. Whilst play-fighting with boyfriends, i’ve found that once you get a good grip on their testicles they immediately surrender, and will do absolutely anything you tell them to! I will admit that I find it tremendously empowering to hold a man in this way, to see the stupid expression on his face and hear him beg me to stop as I squeeze just a little bit too hard!
Researching this topic has made me truly thankful that i’m a girl!

Testicle Squeeze

kimuk1, I really admire and respect the research you have done on this subject as it provides such valuable information that every female should know about. Just a little in-site, I hear it takes about 50lbs per square inch to rupture a testicle and an average females hand can squeeze up to 150lbs (does anyone know for sure the exact figure?) If true that is more than adequate for any girl to give a full-blown bust, but I would only recommend it in a real-life survival situation. Other then that I feel it is very important to mention that girls should know just when to ease off and not get to carried away.
For example, I remember reading on the topix forum Guys And Their Balls about this girl Colleen who was grabbed and roughly handled by this guy on a night-club dance floor. Despite her pleas he just would not let go and continued hurting her, so she took matters into her own hand – reached between his legs and grabbed both of his balls. Even though one of his nuts managed to slip out of her hand she still had established a good firm-hard squeezing grip on the other one, needless to say the rest is history. He became so overwhelmed by the extreme pain that any attempt to pry her arm away was useless, within about 10 seconds he began shaking and convulsing then went unconscious for approximately 20 minutes. Upon regaining consciousness he cried and vomited.
Fortunately for him Colleen eased up on her grip just when she felt his hand on her wrist go limp and he started to pass-out, otherwise he would have ended up with a popped testicle.

PS – In case anyone is wondering my photo is from the opening scene to the movie Little Darlings where Kristy McNichol kicks this dude hard in the balls. It’s a real classic!

Hate bitch girls

U bitch i wil kick ur cunt hard
hw do u feel….
cum out nd getlst

topix forum


Please could you thread the link to the topix forum Guys And Their Balls.


Dear Kimuk1,
While i am extremely happy to know young people like yourself feel so much more safer and confident with your safety and security,from my experience as a man i have to just mention a few things.
You are entirely and absolutely correct in all matters,but i have to tell you, these methods used by females with a sadistic side to them against an innocent person can be really deadly.
Three times in my life (now 56) i have been “fixed up real good” by different girls just out for a bit of revengeful “fun”.
Only one was a stranger,the others knew my name so they really nutted me when i least expected it.
My problem Kimuk,is i have extremely low and heavy testicles,and i can only imagine worst pain after i was kicked (perfectly accurate) would be probably to have them cut out from the scrotum without any medical assistance,pain management/injection wise…
So to finish,it is no fun sensing you might be raped and you need to defend yourself,and for an innocent pair of nuts,it is no fun feeling like you’ve just been castrated by a fun boot or two,on three occasions.
I learnt months later the girls i knew who did me knew i had a scrotum of nuts like a bull has.
Take care Ladies,be safe,strength in numbers when going out, it’s good to have the knowhow and the power to protect yourself. Use it wisely… :-)

To be honest, i’m not sure whether to take you seriously, but i’ll give you the benefit of my doubt!
Am I right in thinking that you are now slightly scared of women because we could
hurt you badly if we wanted to? Can you really not see how ironic this is? Throughout history women have lived in fear of men through oppression, assault & rape. In a straight fight between the average man & the average women the man would win easily, but at least modern girls have a fighting chance through the knowledge that men have a major vulnerability. But men and women are very different when it comes to violence and inflicting pain. Men like to think that they can look after themselves in a fight, and enjoy proving it. Women though, generally avoid violence and it will use it only be a last resort. We prefer verbal assault! Having said that, when a woman is provoked to violence she doesn’t pull any punches and goes all out to win. Anyone who has seen a cat fight knows that this is true. You will have to seriously insult or assault a woman before she will attack your testicles in the way that we have been discussing here.
Come to think of it though, there have been, over recent years, increasing reports of groups of girls assaulting or mugging lone men. And yes, the testicles have been targeted during many of these incidents. My advice to you, if you are worried about this, is to wear an athletic cup when you go out which will keep your most delicate parts safe. Trouble is, they probably dont make them big enough for your “low and heavy testicles” which are “like a bull has”!
May I suggest a sex change?
Take care, be nice to girls, and they’ll be nice to you!XXX

Kimuk1 reply...

Your comment “Take care, be nice to girls, and they’ll be nice to you!XXX” is appreciated and i thank you.
Sound advice for most occasions,but in mine the opposite occured,they were not “very nice to me”,and i am truthful in saying this,i gave them no reason to behave in that manner, sadly for me i was the target for their little bout of exercise…
The athletic cups i have tried many times and are a hindrance because of the pain they cause.
The sex change suggestion is idiotic,but i am seriously thinking the only solution might be castration,but that scares me a little.
Women do not scare me Kimuk1,not all the lovely,respectful and kind ones, just the deceitful ones.
Regards Noel.

i admire you and i think i can use your help

hi kimuk1 I am Panagiotis first of all i have to tell you that i don’t speak English well and it may be difficult for you to understand some things I write. i must say that I admire women like you, every thing that you wrote in this blog is completely right!!! the reason I write is beacuse i want your help stopping the dirty Rappers. recently me and my best friend made a research about rapes on internet (web) and we found over 1000 websites where are full off rapes and children pornografy do you know how can i report this in police??? please anser me immediately this is serious!!!!!!!! this is my e-mail if you want to contact with me for more information
please hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you still on the playground?

You make it sound like a big game. Who is scaring who, and who is superior.

Come on, we're talking about real people getting hurt here.
It's not about sex, it's about violence. Don't be too proud to boast about how much pain you can inflict.

U bitch

U bitchy fetish
i wil burst ur cunt

Don’t get on your high horse, kimuk1. You, women, have more power and more rights than we, men, do because we allowed you to. If we really wanted, we could easily oppress you again and put you back in the kitchen. You think it’s funny that Noel has been kicked in the balls multiple times? I would be scared of women too. While we, men, are raised to treat women with decency, you, women, are taught to believe that you are entitled to hit men just because they say something that pisses you off or even just for fun. Men may like to prove that they can take care of themselves in a fight, but they only do that with other men. When it comes to women, men don’t even fight back when a woman hits them. And don’t try to tell me that women are kind and harmless creatures. They are not. One doesn’t have to assault or seriously insult a girl to get kicked in the balls. And women know that they can get away with harming men, so they take advantage of that.

At the very least, I will be scared of girls like you. Sure, you say that all this is for self-defense, but as others have pointed, you are sadistic and you get off on the fact that you can seriously harm a man. I really hope you attack the wrong guy someday. Once you go for his balls and miss, you are in big f*cking trouble.

hello noel what happened when they kicked and squeezed your testicles ?
was there a reason for it ?
did the say anything to you after the hit , you say that you found out later that they knew you had big huge balls , how did you find out that ?
and finally ! the stranger at did they do ?
did they kick your testicles and rob you ?

this is a true story , i was about 17 and was walking down with a friend to his house , but there was a girl around the area who used to bust guys balls ! unexpected backhands would render the boy a quivering mess on the ground for 5 mins !
anyway , my friend was a bit of a wild boy and a few days earlier the girl had punched him in the balls , and her and he muttered i owe this bitch , before i said what he walked up kicked her square in the groin !
i was amazed but even more amazed at her reaction , it was identical to a man getting his same reactions knees bent
sink down to her knees and fall over in a fetal writhing in agony , so i then realised that the crotch is a weak spot for women too !
i was amazed

seanyirl reply

I heard some words like “that was great/that felt great”,it sounded like they were out for some “harmless” fun,for them…
They found out “they” were big when the first hand tried to pull on them and i remember feeling the girl only seemed to have half of what she was searching for…
I was in so much blinding pain,i don’t know how many had hold of me,but i remember at least two faces close together squealing with delight.
The stranger incident put me out,i don’t remember what happened much,a witness who was there when i awoke who stayed with me, said the kicker ran straight away,
so robbery wasn’t the motive,or the witness scared her off,i don’t know.
Thank you for your interest and concern.

(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

Hi again, jej!
Well, we’ve arranged for the self-defence classes to start next year, but we cant decide at what age to start teaching this. I’m inclined to teach all girls the dirty tricks as early as possible: after all, it could conceivably save their life! On the other hand, an immature girl could abuse the knowledge and possibly injure a boy in a less serious situation. What’s your opinion on this?
On your questions, you’ll soon know whether you have grabbed a guy’s penis or his testicle by his reaction! The penis is very difficult to hurt with your hand, unless you really dig your fingernails into the exposed head. (be warned, lots of blood will run if you do this!)
Many girls have asked what would happen if you managed to rupture (burst) a testicle.
According to an older girl who works in a veterinary surgery, many dogs have balls similar in size & shape to a guy’s. Because she has assisted in many castrations(neuterings) over the years, she has had the chance to try this for herself, and this is what she says;
A fair amount of effort is required to rupture the organ, and digging a thumbnail into it as you squeeze helps split open the ball. When it does give, it doesn’t pop or burst open, but splits suddenly and turns partly inside-out. The inside seems to be made up of countless tiny tubes, and, while the outer layer of the gland is quite tough, this inside structure is fairly fragile, and “mushes” between your fingers quite readily.
Doesn’t sound very dramatic does it? Rather more dramatic I would think, is the guy’s reaction to you doing this to him!
Just can’t imagine what that would feel like!!!
By the way, If you do have to squeeze a testicle in anger, don’t expect the guy to pass out in seconds. It is the lack of oxygen to his brain caused by his inability to breathe that causes unconsciousness, and this can take 40 to 80 seconds so keep squeezing until yor hand hurts!
(WARNING! Death will occur if the brain is starved of oxygen for more than two minutes. Once he is unconcious, his breathing reflex will normally return, but be aware of this possible risk!)

(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

It hurts just reading...

i have read your comments about testicle squeezing, and it really hurts just reading. I have a very low self-steem just for having a very sencitive balls. And i dont understand why a woman would have a secret desire to squeeze a testicle as hard as she can, it can rupture, or even kill any man.
I agree a woman to use ball squeeze ONLY in self-defense, but it seems to be that many woman are curious to do it just to see what will it happen to a man if they squeeze his balls as hard as they can.
It hurts a lot of more than any woman think it hurts. Balls are very sencitive. It takes just 2 fingers to squeeze and make a man do whatever you want, because it is imposible for him to release his balls in you squeeze them hard. The pain in indescriptible. In Amanda Monti’s case, she spent to litle time in jail, i think it was not enough, but this case shows that a woman does not realize how easy is to castrate a man just using her fingernails. They ( woman) think scrotum is not as fragil as it is.
Again… please woman… use this technique only if you need to scape from a Rapist, never for fun or just if you are curious. I dont know why a lot a girls hit guys in the balls sometimes with no reason, but just because they know it hurts, but they dont know it hurts really bad.
As you have said, a woman can kill a man by squeezing his balls. I personally feel too bad for having such as a weak spot like my balls. I wish they to be inside the body like other organs are protected . It is embarrash for a man to be hit in the balls, and a lot of worse… squeezing them , because there is no way for him to scape. It hurt me to read how a lot a woman enjoy that man have this weak spot and they can take advantage of it for fun or just hit guys in the balls to end any simple discution. In tv shows we can see a lot of woman hitting guys in the balls, but why we dont see also man hitting woman in the boobs? Isn’t it funny? I would never hit a woman in the boobs unless is for self-defense if the woman is bigger and stronger than i, i would never do it just for fun or because i want to se how she reacts.
One more thing… Why woman think we over-react when we get hitted in the balls? Oh my God ! It hurts as hell. It makes me feel so bad to see how women enjoy saying how they have kicked or squeezed a guy or man in the balls, and heard him beg for her to stop. Of course any man would beg, the pain is horrible.
Note this: we ( man) never make fun of a woman having a baby, nor we find funny if we know a woman is in her period every month, NO. both genders have an advantage and disadvantage. we have weak balls, but woman has her entire body weak and delicated. I personally dont enjoy to see a woman in pain when giving birth, i really wish women not to suffer any pain.It is sad to read how a lot of women enjoy to know a man can pass-out, and vomit and even die by getting his balls squeezed.
kimuk1: please dont think i am against you, i am just trying to understand why do you focus in causing so much damage to testicles. And i really like to be your friend, i hope we can chat in MSN mesenger one day, i would like that.

Megan Jane Conroy… is a girl that kicked a man just because he misspronounce her name… do you think it is fair?

no one should attack someone just because they upset them, least of all try and castrate them.
also in society today the women are for the
most part protected from men by law, but the same can not be said vise versa. a man cant strike a woman in self defence otherwise he would go to jail assault. on the other hand if a guy attacks a woman and she stikes back he still gets put away for aggravated either way the woman has won 0_o
not that im trying to condone violence
and to say that women only use violence as a last resort would contradict the fact that so many woman ( of various ages) go around inflicting damage on the testicles for mere entertainment, a gigle, a laugh
not forgetting why the hell would you squeeze a boyfriends testicles to submission, you blatantly didnt care for their well being. it would also apear that with you attitude that you now have little interest in having kids
incoming sterility bomb
but all in all i wish the aggression would stop, thenn most will be happy 8)
just my oppinion :D

self defense class

Do you mind if I can be the dummy in the class? You all may learn something if you kick my balls and see I don’t go down… seriously.

In self defense is ok.

Kim, everthing you have said is ok, but only if you use it in self-defense. The only thing i dont like is how sarcastic you are while talking how to destroy balls.
The following is for girls and or women who enjoy hitting guys in the balls, and think it is a funny thing, and make fun of it. NOTE: In case of self-defense it is absolutelly ok.
ok girls… why do you think is funny? Why do you think a guy deserves it? most of the times there is NO reason to do it.How would you feel if you get a hard kick directly in your clit? I dont know if it hurts the same as a kick in the nuts, i have read it does, altough i dont really know, but even if it does not hurt as it hurt a kick in the balls… your clit isi still a very tender part in your body.. is being enough… there are a lot to read about girls talking and asking about kicking a guy in the balls… Please read this: A kick in the female groin… if is not as painfull as a kick to the nuts… it still may have consecuencies.So i would say STOP kicking in the balls, unless is for self-defense. I read about a gril saying: if you squeeze a guy’s balls it will take 20 seconds to loose conciuosness. But Do you know how much it takes to get a woman unconcious? A split second, just a real hard punch in the face will faint any girl. I have also read girls saying this when they see a guy going to the ground when kicked in the nuts: ” I am so glad i am a girl” Let me tell you this: Are you glad you are a girl every month when you have your period? Isn’t it stinky and nasty? and sometimes also painfull? Are you glad you are a girl when having a baby? Sorry i have to talk like this, but as i said before, this is for girls who abuse hitting in the balls for any other reason but not for self-defense, and keep asking: What it hurts more a kick, punch or knee in the nuts? Or, Have you kicked a guy in the balls? How did he react? . We can see a lot of stupid questions like this on yahoo answers and many other sites.Is like woman think it is better to be a girl just because woman dont have a sencitive pair of balls.
Yes we have that weak spot, and yes it is very weak, even more than you girls think, but girls and or woman have also other disadvantages.Please girls dont make fun of our weak spot, it is more painfull than you think, and no, we do not over-react. Think… the only change you have to beat up a guy is going for his balls… but what is you miss them? what if you can’t grab them or you miss a kick or a punch? Poor of you. pound-bby-pound men are stronger than women. And let me tell you these, i really hate and get my stomach upset when i hear a man has abuse a woman, this must not happen, thats absolutelly wrong.
You should not hit a guy in the balls for fun, or for cheating. I think the only reason to do it is if you are being attacked and you need to defend your-self. In that case do it as hard as you can. Girls kick boys in the nuts often, but i have never seen or hear about a boy hit a hard punch in the boobs or a hard kick in the vulva.
Please read this: A hit in the vulva could cause pain too.
Women are to be respected, but respect is to be earned. If you dont want to get your boobs or vulva kicked, dont kick guys in the nuts if there is not sufficient reason to do it.On the web ( you can google it ) a lot of woman have castrated or hit a man in the nuts. Google “amanda monti” she ripped off her ex-husband testicle. She was just 9 months in prison. For heavens sake! 9 month? thats nothing compare with what she did. And cases like this are a lot. Agresive women get a very light sentence in prison. And… a strike to the balls… Isn’t it supposed to be “sexual assault”? Y a man sexually assaults a woman would spend the rest of his life in prison.We have to respect each other, man and woman.As i said we got that weak spot, and most woman may consider a male’s disadvantage… But women are weak in her whole body. A damaged clit will make any woman unable to have an orgasm.Sometimes gilrs kick guys without reason for example: In a night club a man accidentally pushed another guy, and this guy pushed a woman in front of him dropping her drink, this woman turn back and kicked him really hard in the nuts, this poor man spent 15 minutes in the floor, and then helped by his girlfriend was taken to his car where he was for 30 minutes until he could walk. Another case, an 8 years old boy was kick repetelly by 2 girls older than him, just because he was taken a pen from one of these girls.Another case a man was bothering a girl in a night club, the gilr grabed him by the balls and squeezed then very hard. The man started to convulse and got fainted, after 20 min. he wake up vomiting. This girl had to defend her-self.But a kick would had been enough.Testicles are a very delicate part, and it can be damage very easy. So dont take so lightly. But use it only if you are in danger. You may be saying: but guys hurt our feelings” well; gilrs hurt guys feellings too, and they dont hit gilrs in any part of the this story:;wap2 In many cases, woman did not mean to do permanent damage, but this only shows woman dont know nuts are more fragil than they think it is. You may be saying: Giving birth is more painfull” Ok child birth pain is not caused on purpose by a man, i have never heard a woman has fainted of that pain, not a woman goes to the ground in agonic pain. After baby is born, mother forgets about pain, but a pain caused by a kick in the testicles last for several days.Do you think this girl had a reason to kick this man? And she was given only 6 month in prison? Come on. Thats not fair. No conviction was recorded. But if a guy does this to a gilr he may be put in prison for many years. A personal history: when i was 13 years old i jump into a donky’s back to ride,i missed its back, i hit one of my testes, my Dad was coming just behind me, and i did like nothing had happened, pain was intense, i did not take my hands to my parts or stomach, in a minute or so, i had a cold feelling running from toes all the way to my head, i saw nothing but everthing dark, and i fell to the ground unconcious. I did not feel anything after a got fainted, i did not feel when i fell to the ground. My dad was so worry, he did not know nothing until i recovered conciousness, and told him: “I crashed my balls”, I couldn’t walk for about 20 minutes, i felt so weak.

The "Angle" of Attack!

Sweet kimuk1,

You sound like a really bright girl with enormous potential! As a man, I’ve rarely ever seen a girl as pretty as you (and I really mean that, sweetheart!)

I just wonder, kimuk1; why are you so fascinated with hurting (or even knowing that you can hurt) a man? I’m truly curious? Were you ever the victim of a male-inflicted crime? How often do you suppose that you would encounter an attack like that? I hope you’d never, even as a “tour de force,” attempt to prove something to yourself in the presence of an innocent and unsuspecting boyfriend or husband, who “trusts” you!

I’ll tell you what I would do to “show” you that you are a member of the “weaker” sex—and from “this” you’d be unable to defend yourself.

I’d buy the most gorgeous flowers to match the face in your photo (Disclaimer: this is only an example of what I would do if I were your boyfriend or husband—please don’t take offence) and with a heart that’s completely genuine, I’d give you the most sincere hug and kiss (on the cheek) and pick you up horizontally and spin you around. Then I’d take you out in a limousine to the finest restaurant in the city. In other words, with “true sincerity” (nothing fake) I’d make you MELT with a “love attack!”

Now, kimuk1. With this fresh in your mind, dear one, why wouldn’t you want to part with this fixation of “power!” (Unless you were truly destroyed by a past “hurt!” But you can recover!) Your “strength” is in your weakness, beauty and tenderness, that a man loves to see in a girl/lady/woman and which will always “overpower” him! You can be sure as long as you’re sincere.

You’re stronger than you know, my dear kimuk1. Use it wisely.

Test subject

I’ve got a thing about getting hit in the nuts and I would like to be involved in your classes. May I participate as a willing male to have his nuts attacked? I’ll wear a cup and everything.


would you be willing to kick me in the balls?

(This comment was deleted.)


Here is a question for you. Kicking, kneeing and stepping on my balls (groin) does not hurt me.. what then?

I thought women’s self defense before w/out pads and a cup because I find it interesting to watch a woman’s reaction when she see that stepping, kneeing and kicking my nuts does not hurt me.

this is why i hate humanity (more specifically women)

Growing up i was beaten by five girls every day at school. I went to the adults but nobody took me seriously. I believe i have developed testicular cancer because of this selfish behavior. And when you went on in a post about enjoying it, thats fine. But only do it with your man, and make sure he’s ok with it. The only other reasons to allow this abuse would be if he was trying to rape or murder you.
I have found a way to send women into the same sort of pain via wrestling with my sister.
Another point i would like to make is, im 17 now. And that bullying went on for 7 years. Its traumatized me and i attempt suicide, a lot because of it. If you are going to submit a message like this, please make sure its clear that it isnt ok to do so for fun. And enjoy your breast cancer, if you try to hit me. Because it literrally drives me insane.

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Hi jej,
the case you mention, where a woman grabbed and squeezed a man’s testicles after being groped highlights a difficult problem for women in a self-defence situation. At what point exactly do you resort to this decisive, but rather distasteful tactic?
Women, by nature, do not enjoy causing pain. They know that if they do this to a man it will cause him immense pain, and are naturally reluctant to do this. So they are inclined to wait a little bit too long before they resort to this, preferring instead to try reasoning with their molester. The exact point at which you go for his balls obviously varies according to the circumstances, but it is vitally important that, once you decide on this course of action, you follow it through until he is helpless.
If you hold his balls half-heartedly, you wont hurt him sufficiently to stop him hurting you back! If you allow him to get his fingers between yours and his scrotum of course he will be able to remove your hand. And if you give him time to realise that his balls are in danger he will do ANYTHING to stop you. This includes heavy punches or headbutts! If you’re going to do it, do it with all your strength! Be prepared to take a blow or two, a small price to pay if your life is in danger,but don’t let go until you’re sure he is no longer a threat to you. Once you have applied a good squeeze to one or both of his testicles, the stomach contraction reflex will kick in immediately and you will have won! His whole world will shrink to the two small glands between his legs, and the agony emanating from them!
By the way, you say you’d like to practice this in some way. One of my self defence teachers told us to put two golf balls in a sock and tie it to a door handle. You will be surprised how difficult it is at first to grab hold of the balls in a single motion. A few hours practise will ensure that you get a good hold on them in one swift motion. I actually found that my boyfriend at the time was willing to let me practice my grabs on him! (providing that I didn’t squeeze of course!) Trouble is, if you hit them with any degree of force whilst trying to grab them you end up hurting him badly. Still, it might be worth asking your boyfriend to help you perfect this skill on him, being that it is helping you to defend yourself.
Some thing else came up during my research which is pulling down on the testicles once you have a good hold. I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned this before because it is supposed to be very effective. Anti-rape classes actually refer to “GRAB, TWIST and PULL when attacking the testicles!
Now, in my experience, a girl cannot twist a man’s balls far enough to hurt him much, because her wrist will only allow a turn of about 110 degrees. If you had a man tied down and twisted one of his testicles within his scrotum, it would apparently be one of the worst pains that he could experience(called testicular torsion in medical parlance) but this is not practical in a self defence situation.
But pulling down on them! If you think about it, a girl can put her whole weight into a downwards pull! I have looked into this, and doing this with a force of more than about 30 pounds will almost certainly detach the testicle from the spermatic cord that suspends it. This would also sever the blood supply, and would be absolutely agony! It would also kill the testicle, unless he got to a hospital and on an operating table within 30-40 minutes! So effectively, you’ve castrated him! Poetic justice if he is trying to rape you!
Anyways Jej, have fun practicing, and lets hope that neither of us has to use this knowledge for real!
Stay safe

You're not serious right?

You talk as if women are either helpless, or crushing a man’s nut, with no in between mode of self defense. In 99.9% of harassment cases a person should be doing neither. Kicking is another story. But this obsession with squeezing is pretty bizarre.

freaks me out a bit when u talk bout castrating lol u look 2 sweet & innocent 4 all that lol

Be careful, Jej!

Hi again, Jej!
Do you love this guy, jej? I’m sorry, but I don’t think I could hurt someone I love in that way. By all means practise grabbing his balls, and if he agrees you can try some gentle squeezing, just to explore his pain limits and to reassure you that a squeeze will be agony for him. Many couples indulge in this kind of play, and it helps to build trust between you.
But the male ego is extremely fragile, and while he may agree to your squeezing his balls hard for some macho reason, and putting a brave face on the pain, you are in danger of doing him considerable mental damage, not to mention harming your relationship by his losing his trust of you.When I practised on a previous boyfriend with his consent, he laughed off the pain and I thought we were still cool. But he subsequently had difficulty in achieving an erection with me, sex became impossible, and we eventually drifted apart. Men, it seems, need to feel stronger than their partner for some reason.
Also, even squeezing for a few seconds can have devastating results.
I want you to google the name “Amanda Monti” so you can see that I’m not making this up!
She is an English girl, young and fit but only slightly built. She broke up with her boyfriend, Geoffrey, and during a party went to see if she could win him back. She tried to get him to have sex with her, but when he refused, she tried to drag him, partly undressed, into the bedroom. You’ll have to look up the fine details, but she grabbed his testicles through his underpants to pull him in, and suddenly found his pants had come off in her hand, containing his left testicle! Yes, she had pulled his left ball off! She apparently panicked and tried to swallow it, but choked on it and spat it out on the floor! When one of his friends came in to investigate his screams of agony, he found it on the floor and handed it back to him saying “I think that’s yours!”
Amanda was prosecuted for malicious injury, and I think she was jailed for nine months.
Please check out this story, which is absolutely true, and you’ll realise that squeezing your boyfriends balls as hard as you can, even for a few seconds, is not a good idea! The thin sac of skin holding the testicles is not very strong and can easily be ripped, allowing the testicle to drop out and dangle by it’s cord.There are many cases recorded in the US where rape victims and disgruntled wives have torn open a man’s scrotum while grabbing his balls because they have had long, sharp nails!
I do understand your desire to try this out for real, though. In fact most girls that I have talked to about this admit to having a secret desire to do this to a guy! And many of them also wonder what would happen if they squeezed a testicle really hard!
But we live in a world of laws,and consequences to our actions, so I think its probably better to keep these thoughts to ourselves…..........and wonder !!!!

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You have to be kidding

I was looking at your comments and couldn’t help but notice that their seem to be a lot of deleted comments, almost 50/50. Is that because when someone offers an opposing view, they become one of the (deleted)? You talk about teaching you views on attacking mens testicles to all girls. I guess this is no suprise to hear. I wonder if your capable of looking at the big picture in a fair way, like walking a mile in a guys shoes. We seem to be living in a state of mind in this country that says OK to girls like you, that it’s OK to attack men but NO to men that attack women? What ever happend to (equality) or fair is fair. Have you ever heard the Legal term of excessive force? When you teach a girl to use her thumb nailes to slice open a mans testicle to make it easier to distroy it. AFTER you say he is paralyzed and un-able to fight back then you have crossed the line, you have moved from self defence to Revenge. If you have been so LUCKY to stop the attack and now have the opportunity to flee. You are required by Law to FLEE, if you choose to stay then your guilty of falony crime just like your attacker. As to your idea of teaching young girls your advaced testicle distroying tricks, Your out of your mind OR you can’t read a paper or forum. A good friends son age 8, was attacked by two innocent little girls (both older then him) after he was acused (by them) of taking a girls pen? There solution was to ambush him on the play groung and kick his balls over and over. And by the way, the event was seen by a FEMALE teacher who did nothing to stop it till it was too late. At age 8 my friends son is a victim of a sex crime WORSE then rape, and his attackers were (innocent little girls) And you want to teach more little girls your tricks ? 98.7 % of women that have been raped go on to lead a NORMAL life. On the other hand only 81.2 of boys or men who have been attacked are able to live a normal life? Of course you probably won’t ever believe that but the info is there if you Really care about the truth. When i was in grade school i was attacked 3 diff times by innocent little girls because i was taught i could NEVER hit a girl? Lets just say that i learned the hard lesson, so when i was 14 and once again a girl thought she could get her way. I taught her what it was like to meet a guy that had enough of abuse by girls. When she tried to kick me i cought her foot and gave her three toe kicks to her clit. It was her turn to vomit and scream in pain and no one came to help her this time. Seems she attacked to many boys over a 4 year period and had lots of enemies. Now to be FAIR, i have no problem with a lady that has to defend her self against a REAL attack. But too many girls use tricks like yours and (say) they were in danger in the middle of a party or on a dance floor. Thats a bunch of crap, there are too many girls that just get off on hurting guys testicles. From the way you talk i wonder if your one of them, deep down? I have always protected ladies and even taught some how to defend them selfs. A good friend of mine was raped and I was the one she called to come and help her. She and i spent a great deal of time talking after and she asked me to help her learn to defend aganst a rape. And i did teach her how to attack the testicles of a REAL RAPEST and she promised me that she would NEVER use the tricks on ANY other guy for ANY reason. In short i don’t think you are being responsible or fair when you say the things you say. Guys are victims of girls too !!! PS. my friends son lost his right testicle to the attack by innocent little girls. Can you tell me how many girls loose an ovary in a rape compaired to how many guys loose one or both testicles in a attack ? Not that you care but it’s more then 38 to one, so who are the real victims?


Girls and women should only use attacks to the testicles in self defense situations…but I don’t think more guys lose testicles to the amount of rapes that goes on..

Personal experience

HI jej101. Because of my time teaching self defence to both men and ladies. I can tell you that i have known 11 guys that have lost a testicle or have been so damaged by the attack that one no longer functions. And in 12 years of teaching girls and much longer just knowing many girls. Including rape victims. I have NEVER met a lady that lost an ovary or her ability to have a child. As i said before, if you REALLY want to learn the truth about abuse. It’s all over the web and you can do some digging with police or look up male abuse and male rape on the web. You may not understand this because men don’t talk about it like ladies do. They get laughed at or not believed, i dought that my friends 8 year old son will tell people what happend to him. I was attacked 3 times before i learned that girls can’t be trusted, and i had never hurt a girl? It’s been seggested that attacks like this one may cause some border line type of men to cross over and do to others what was done to them! Wouldn’t that be ironic, and poetic ? Like i said before, i have no problem with a lady defending her self. But too many girls do it for fun becaues they can get away with it. Teaching a young girl these testicle torture tricks is crazy. Would you give her a gun too ????

You need help

Girl, you need to grow up and find some help. If the law is the only thing stopping you and most other girls from torturing men. Then it’s you who are the real abusers, so pray you don’t meet a guy like me who has had enough of girls like you. And teaches how guys can stop any sexual attack by a girl, and it does work. I respect all REAL ladies, but your not talking like a lady.


ya you shold but ther those men that have no macho im rilly week ind my frend ar alwase biger then me and dumer just ywstwr day thay we going doun a hil on a ofice cher and advenchaly hert them selves lol

As you said...

“We live in a world of laws and consequences to our actions, so I think its probably better to keep these thoughts to ourselves…and wonder!!!”

...some of us also have a conscience.

...and are not sadistic.

Yet you say:

“Women, by nature, do not enjoy causing pain.”

Apparently you meant “some women”

Enjoying chatting with you, Jej!

Hey, Jej!
I’m so glad I stopped you from possibly ruining your relationship with your b/f. I think that, with this knowledge that we are gaining about injuring people, comes a certain responsibility, eh? And I am the first to admit that the thrill I get from hurting a big, strong male can become a little addictive, though!Sometimes I find myself “accidentally” hitting a boy there (I love it when they double over, don’t you?), or squeezing just that bit too hard during a play fight (I think it’s hilarious when their voice goes up a octave and they make that silly whimpering noise) Its at times like those that i’m really glad i’m a girl!

You asked me if I thought that pants gave a guy much protection against a squeeze. Well, I’ve trawled through dozens, if not hundreds of websites whilst researching this topic and I would say that wearing any clothes does make it more difficult to get your fingers behind the testicles in order to perform an effective grab. Obviously a naked attacker is far more vulnerable in this respect! However, there are countless instances where a grab has been effective through clothing.

I read about an elderly woman who seized a burglar’s testicles and refused to let him go, despite his begging and pleading, until the police arrived 10 minutes later!

Another woman actually pulled her attacker by the testicles all the way to the police station! (still another girl handed in two testicles to the police that she had bitten off of the man trying to rape her!!!)

And don’t forget that Amanda Monti pulled her boyfriend’s testicle clean off through his underpants!

And there are countless other instances where girls have fought off unwanted advances in public and private by squeezing the guys’ balls through their trousers.

I suppose the basic difference is that a grab through clothing will probably be difficult to maintain but will disable him long enough for you to get away, whereas once you have a firm grip on the testicles with your fingers right behind them you are in “firm” control of the situation!

The only muscles in this area are a thin mesh of muscle within the skin of the scrotum that raises & lowers the glands according to their temperature. It offers no protection against a girl’s hand and the testicles themselves are no tougher on a strong man than on a boy.

No, i’ve never seen a full force squeeze in real life, but there are a couple of videos on U-tube which show this. The effect seems to be exactly as we have come to expect – the high pitched scream, the begging for release, and the curling up into a ball on the floor in agony!

It does seem to me though that if you were ever to squeeze with all your strength, the scrotum is more likely to rip open, exposing the naked glands, than the organs to actually rupture. Of course, if you had the stomach for it, it would take relatively little effort to keep pulling on the balls and snap the cords by which they are attached, thereby castrating him! Doubtless a devastating attack, but a little too permanent for me!

Looking forward to discussing kicks, knees & punches with you next!

Have mercy on your boyfriend, and he’ll reward you in bed later!!

Kim XX

PS. College starts in a couple of weeks and I have to start arranging the self defence classes.Did you have any thoughts about what age the girls should be before we teach them everything?

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Self Defense


I would say no girl is too young to take self defense. I just looked at a book called “Self Defense For Girls” and they had 12 – 14yr-olds practicing self defense moves in here. Since you may run this through the college you may want to keep it to girls around 15 -16 yrs of age. May have to remind them that this knowledge is for self defense and not for hurting boys in balls for fun.

I don’t know if you have ever heard of dr. ruthless? She has a great self defense website—look her up on She is all about keeping women safe and going after a man’s weak spot for self defense.

I do love it when a guy bends over from getting hit, the expression on his face is priceless, I feel so powerful. Do you know why a guy sounds like a ten year old girl when he tries to talk right after getting hit in the nuts?

One of my friends asked me this question: if you had to use the testicle squeeze technique and you had the opportunity to use it when he had his pants on but weren’t completely sure you’d get a good grip on his balls would you do it or would you try to wait until he was naked and then tried to grab the testicles? I thought it was a good question, if you were being attacked I wonder when the best time to strike would be in this situation?


Hay Jej. If you want some real facts from someone that has done Real practice, here it is. A grab is to un-reliable if your attacker has anything on except VARY loose clothes. We did a practice when 5 girls tried to grab 5 guys through jeans and never could get a grip. And their lives were not on the line, wile girls sometimes get lucky, It’s just that, luck. If your attacker is nude then thats another ball game ! Then you have a good chance, but ONLY if you have practiced. Don’t believe those people that make it sound so easy, and if your attacker gets wind of what your going to try. Then your in for it, there are far more reliable technics Jej.


I saw a guy hit in the balls today and he did that high pitched scream and talked in a little girl voice. So weird. Why does that happen?

Hit me there byutifull

Wow, i wish i knew you on a personal level .You get a thrill from hurting a mans testicles.My kind of woman,you can practice on mine all day if you want.Please go extreme,just the thought of you trying to damage mine gets me all the way there are different levels of pain a mans balls can take.mine have been kicked ,stamped on,twisted and squeezed.They have even been cut open[light cuts] and had pins stuck right threw them.They have even been clamped in a vice grips after they were tied fast lyk in the pic and i loved it,infact it made me really horn… and yes those are mine.ITS not a fake picture.

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(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

girls get away with abuse

You wonder why girls get great joy from commiting a sexual assault. Because it’s them who are truley the abusers. If you doubt that then look up the truth about male vs female abuse. Police records show and prove that girls hit men more, more then 2 to 1. But just try to get lady to own up to the truth. The net is full of poles taken on this testicle abuse issue. And almost every women or girl that answers the pole says the same thing. Guys deserve it, every girl should do it, they feel no remorse, doing it gets them wet. And girls say men are the abusers, what a bunch of crap. I have NEVER heard a guy talk about sexually attacking a lady like that. Can you imagine how ladies would scream if men talked like girls do ? what if guys said things like, what is the best way to twist and tear off a ladies nipple. OR what is the most painful way to crush a girls clit. OR how to shove your hand up a girls vagina so you can tear her cervix. I could go on but i think i have made the point. You will never hear men talking like this, but girls talk and attack mens testicles all the time. And girls say that men are the violent ones. If you really want to learn the truth about abuse, spend some time looking up police records. You won’t believe what you will find, things that you will NEVER hear on the news. Now im all about fair so let me say that there are a lot of vary good ladies out there. Im just sorry that so many girls have a evil side to them.

i dont think so

Girls are usually just defending themselves and girls might get a little jumpy because guys rape girls more than girls rape guys (not sure that’s possible).

Girls should not be hitting balls for fun; but if they are threatened they should use what they think they need to get out of the situation.

Hay jej

Hi jej. like i said a girl has the right to protect her self, i have no problem with that. But i want attacked 4 times and i never have hurt a girl till i decided to stop the abuse. My friends son didn’t force those girls to attack him. And my sisters kids were abused by a female ( a female family member) no less. I have been in self defence for more then 12 years. And i have met Way more guys that have been attacked by girls, then girls that were atacked my guys. And jej, getting jumpy is no justification for sexual assulting a boy. You wouldn’t let a guy say something like that, would you? You seem to be an ok girl jej, it’s not you i have a problem with, your ok.


i agree but i have been kick ther and i didnot like it girls do hit men mor cuz we can’t hit back
and i wos kick for no rezun?

weirdo alert

Hi again, Jej!
Oh dear, we seem to be attracting a couple of weirdos to our discussion, don’t we. Pretty insecure ones too I think, eh? What a shame we cannot confine this subject to girls only!
Two interesting points came up, though: Firstly, I cannot delete comments made by other posters on this site….they can only do that themselves… least one of the deletions was of my own entry, which I wanted to amend.
Secondly, the very fact that males have expressed anger at our revealing these facts to other girls, and exposing their insecurity about the subject, is the very proof that we need that these techniques actually work!
And m888, I cannot deny that lots of girls have admitted to me that they find the experience of hitting a guy in the balls exciting, but perhaps empowering is a better word. It is simply the satisfaction felt by a smaller person overpowering a larger, stronger person. Don’t forget that women have been abused and oppressed by men for many centuries and we are still struggling to achieve equality in most areas. At least spreading this kind of knowledge might put an end to the physical and sexual abuse that we still suffer.
All I can do, boys, is to re-iterate that girls do not by nature enjoy causing pain. The vast majority of us will never seriously hurt your testicles without severe provocation, and if you treat us with love and respect you never need fear us.
Now Jej, you asked about a certain situation, and I think in that case I would keep the testicle attack in reserve and go initially for the eyes. This is an effective attack in itself, and tells your attacker that you are deadly serious about defending yourself. He will probably back off rather than risk his eyesight anyway, but you could always go for his balls while his attention is focused on his eyes!
As for the high pitched voice that men seem to have following a ball attack, this is simply an effect of the paralysis of the diaphragm that I previously described. If you cant draw breath through the larynx quickly enough to vibrate the vocal cords, you can only make a squeaky sound.(try speaking without breathing and you’ll see what I mean!)
The self defence classes have been advertised, and the response seems enthusiastic. We are planning to have two- hour sessions, the first hour will be for girls of any age, and the second part will be for 15 year-olds upwards. I think this is the responsible way to go, although I would feel awful if a younger girl gets attacked and fails to fend off the guy because I didn’t give her all the skills she needed. Difficult one, isn’t it?
How are things with your boyfriend, bye the way? I was thinking about you practising your skills on him, and when you move on to practising your kicks knees, and punches you may like to consider making him wear a cricket “box”. This is worn inside a guy’s jock strap and forms a protective shell around his testicles. But I have a precautionary tale:
During my first women’s’ self defence course, the men that we practised with all wore these “boxes” which meant we didn’t have to hold back our strikes. One time though, I delivered three hard kicks in quick succession to one guy, and he collapsed in absolute agony and had to be carried off sobbing with pain.
It was explained to us later that a really hard kick, whilst not crushing the testicles directly sometimes diplaces the cup, making it jump out of place. Apparently my first kick had allowed the cup to jump over one of his testicles thereby exposing it and then trapping it outside the cup. My subsequent kicks caused the cup itself to crush his poor testicle really badly! So if you do give him this protection, make sure you allow him to adjust the position of the cup after each blow or it may do more harm than good!
Speak to you soon, Jej, and stay safe!
Kim X

In The Real World

Denial is a vary powerful force in a disturbed mind. No amount of rational debate will sway the attitude of a insecure and predatory individual. You kim x take great delight in causing sexual trauma to the opposite sex. You are the vary embodyiment of the monster that you accuse the rapest of being. To cause pain and damage to the genitals of anyone is the vary definition of a sexual predator. You talk endlassly about self defence but you are clearly sexualy excited at the prospect of inflicting sexual pain on a male. Any first year psychologe student could view the picture you chose to represent your self. Do a quick overlook at your subject matter and conclude that the self defencs reasoning is the lesser of your intrests. It merely masks your true nature, in all my 15 year total in defence training. I have never witnessed men talking and taking great plesure (as you do) in discussing ways to cause sexual torture to a woman. But that duse say who and what you really are. If ANYONE in our class talked as you do, they would be removed from any ferther training. If your sick advice is taken and used by a lady in any other way but a (court) justified self defence. Then YOU can be held Libel for giving and encouraging her to use excessive force. By the way, if a lady kicks a man in the testicles with out due cauae, it’s now viewed by the courts as a (FELONY). When convected, she will become a Convicted Sexual Predator. It’s the same as knowingly selling a firearm to someone that by law is prohibited from owning one. Self defence is a serious matter, and not to be confused with your sick fetish. If two CONSENTING adults want to play rough sex games, than thats there right. But getting your rocks of by sexualy assaulting someone is a jail sentence, whether you are male OR female. Wile teaching our female students how to defend aganist attack. We also teach our male students how to deal with little girls like you. Your fixation with a males one week spot and showing so much bliss is corious to me. Is this your way to hide the truth of of male vs female strength or just true ignorance ? Your entire body is one big week spot to the strength, speed and aggression of a male. An ovary can be damaged or distroyed easly by a knife hand thrust, of one of many kicks. A breast can tourn or deformed be one of many hand strikes. A nipple can be pulled or twisted till it tears away from the breast completely. One toe kick to vulva or clit can cause permanent damage such as lossing the ability to ever have an orgasm. A two knuckle straight punch or any kick to the area of the womb can cause internal damage and death. There are more but no need to go on. A female riskis far more then a male does if she fights or attacks a male FOR REALL. Male and female are in no way physically equal, and never will be. Men were ment to care for, respect and love their ladies and the VAST majority do. And ladies were ment to care for, respect and love there men. You kim x fixate on the vary few bad men wile ignoring the acts of bad women. Take a moment and look up the word equality, maybe it will shed some light on your dark world. Ladies, it would be wise to spend some time looking at the truth of this matter. Less then 1.9 persent of men comment a rape. And as for kim x, i invite you and you dirty tricks to spar in a (no holds barred) match. We can video you and your spacial powers and post it on Utube so everyone will know and see what happends (in the real world).

hi Kim!!


OMG, thank god you’re back, I thought I was alone in this argument with these guys. I definitely wouldn’t hit a guy in the balls for the fun of it, but I agree I feel very confident (powerful??) knowing I can disable a guy in this way and all girls should learn to attack the testicles in self defense. I’m glad you have a portion of the class for all ages – that is smart, and then have a second part of the class for the dirty tricks? I think 15 is a good age. Wish I could be there to help out.

My boyfriend is good, but it’s been a bad week for his balls, we were on his bed a few days ago wrestling around and he was making me laugh so hard that my knee accidently hit him between the legs and he just curled up and let out this weird high pitched squeal, all he could do was hold his hands between his legs for like 20min (I swear I didn’t hit him that hard). And then the next night we were waiting in line to get drinks at this club and someone pushed him into the girl in front of him, which caused her to spill her drink, she was mad and turned around and kicked my boyfriend right in the balls!!! I couldn’t believe she did it, but my boyfriend dropped to the ground instantly….I waited for him to get up and start yelling at the girl, but he didn’t get up for like 10 min, eventually I had to help him up and help him to the car where we sat for another 30min while he recovered. Is this normal? Does it take a guy that long to recover from a kick to the balls?

I am going to practice on my boyfriend and I will make sure he uses a cup, cause that would be nice to practice full force. I have gathered a few of my friends together to try to teach them some of the self defense moves we have been talking about, I’ll have to talk to you more about that next time. I am going to give you my email because there are some other questions I’d like to talk to you about that I don’t feel comfortable asking in front of these guys. If you want to email that would be nice, that way we wouldn’t feel bothered with the guys here, if not, I understand, we can keep our conversation here.

Email me if you want:

Also at some point it would be cool to set up a blog dedicated to women’s only self defense tactics, that would be cool too, but that’s for later.

Take care and I hope your self defense classes go well!! :)



Did i read this right, you let some girl sexually assault your boyfriend and you did nothing ? I wonder if this story is true or just a way to get you thrills talking about this. My girl friend is a fantastic LADY, and she would have returned a sexual beating on the tramp that probabley would left her un able to ever have a climax again. God Jej, i thought you might be better then this, maybe you should shop at BUY A BACK BONE. Not to say that i would have ever let a tramp like that get to my balls, we practice to defend against tramps just like that. But what kind of girl would let this happen and do nothing ? I don’t get you ?


A friend told me about your site. Found it interesting. She wanted to practice/experiment on me. I agreed. She is exceptionally strong for a girl. We were both surprised to find testicle attacks not as effective as you say. She even tried holding one in each hand and squeezing harder and harder, unclothed. I was able to pry them loose. I was screeming, but was able to hold her till I recovered. She even tried squeezing “as hard as she could” My body convulsed violently, This lasted for about one minute. (seemed like an hour!). Never came close to passing out. (was wishing I could!) but I was able to pry her hands loose and hold her till i recovered. About 15 seconds. (Good thing we are good friends, I could have hurt her!) I wasn’t up to try another time! HURTS TOO MUCH!! And hurts more each time. But your techniques don’t work. Be careful about advising women about this form of self defense. You might get a woman hurt! You can e-mail me if you like.

the same thing happened to me. the cup got knocked upinto my balls then they pooped out and got the full force of the 2nd knee. i was in hospital over night

Women are struggling to achieve equality???

“Don’t forget that women have been abused and oppressed by men for many centuries and we are still struggling to achieve equality in most areas.” WTF??? What kind of crack do you smoke? Women are more than equal to men. Public school systems teach in ways that cater to girls and use disciplinary methods suited for girls, which is why ADD and ADHD prescriptions for boys have risen a lot over the years. Despite having this academic advantage, there are plenty of women-only scholarships out there and engineering colleges give affirmative action to women. In the work place, women get affirmative action in high paying jobs since they are underrepresented in those areas. All that wage gap crap is nothing more than crap. The legal system is heavily biased in favor of women. For doing the same crimes as men, women get less punishment or even avoid punishment altogether. Also, the legal system views a woman’s word as far more valuable than a man’s word. If you are still not doing well, despite all these clear advantages, then you should blame yourself, not men.


Confine this subject to girls only???
As if those werent our testicles
Look i can tell you something we both will like Girls get to kick mens balls ONLY IN EXTREME DANGER

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Don't bother with this one

I have met so called girls like this one before. Girls like this feel that they are above the law and refuse to admit that they are female rapists themselves. The fact that they want to train young girls all about their dirty tricks under the mask of self defence is a sad joke. The fact that she calls them DIRTY TRICKS speeks volumes about who and what she really is. This so called girl is all about female violance, as if it’s ok when a female does it. Young kids make stupid choices because there KIDS, whats your justification kim. Girls are tought that it’s ok to abuse if it’s on a boy. But when was the last time you saw a boy kick a young girl in the vulva for no good reason, or any reason. Mybe we guys should get together and teach all the ways that we can damage a girls genitals. There are WAY more areas to damage on a female. We can say it’s all about self defence, but in fact it just might be true with girls like this ? And m888, i can understand your english just fine, keep up the fight.

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The dreem of equality

It’s a dreem and nothing more when it comes to men and women. Men and women were made defferent so both excel in there own area of expertise. Mens and womens brains and bodys are vastly different so in fact, their can be no equality. But both sexes can treat each other with kindness and respect, if we chose too. Some girls cry endlessly about how women have been treated so badly, not true. Both sexes have had it rough, but you need to open your eyes and close your mouth in order to see it. Ready, here goes ! If you beleive that women have had it so rough then take a moment and think. How many men have given there LIVES to protect there Women over the years ? How about we start with the story of the Titanic. Does anybody know how many women were left on the sinking ship ? If i remember it was (0) now how many men chose to sacrifice them selves to save their ladies and kids ? hundreds. So where is equality in this ? If equality was a fact between men and women then half of those who stayed should have been women, right ! I don’t remember reading about any women giving up there lives to save the men. And how many times in history has this been repeated ? O, i know, every time there has been danger or death. It’s always the same thing you hear, women and children first. I wonder how many men have DIED over the centuries to protect women ? But the better question would be, how many women have died in the place of there men ? Im going to take a guess at this but i don’t think it is an EQUAL number. Men have been taking care of there women clear back to the dawn of time. It’s a feminist lie that tells girls about how bad things are for them. And how they are abused by men, when the truth is more like, men given them so much. Look around your house and try to think of what item you have that a women invented. This is not braging, it’s fact. A mans job is to do his best to care, love and respect his lady, and the vast majority of men have and do just that. Just to illustrate my point, even the bra you ware was invented by a man. A man that cared for his wife and her pain.

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