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How to live without a television for a year


good on ya

Thanks for sharing mate, did you find that it reduced stress and / or helped you sleep better?

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What a great gift to give your children

I heard an FBI agent speak at a conference a few years ago about the harmful effects of tv on children. Because of this man’s expertise (he trained agents to kill) he was called to testify before the US Senate after the Columbine shootings. He shared many statistics about tv and video games and how they desensitize kids to violence. He is so persuaded as to the harmful effects of tv, that he pays each of his kids $1,000 per year, per grandkid for every year they keep them away from tv (college fund).

I went without tv for several years and felt more peaceful and productive. Since it’s just me and the pooch at home, she doesn’t mind what I do as long as I feed and pet her enough (I’m not sure it’s ever enough). I am trying to limit my tv watching to an hour or two per day, and I watch everything on tape so I can cut commercials. (thanks mom)

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