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How to lose weight


You make dairy sound like a dieters enemy, when in fact it is the contrary….

Buster Benson I need more goals.

I’m just saying what I did to lose weight. I know no one single thing is evil or good in an intrinsic sense, but I love ice cream, half and half in my coffee, and more ice cream, so make a point of avoiding my dairy habits when trying to lose weight.

I challenge you to write a “How I did it” entry of your own to replace mine.

Wow, I wish it only took 21 days to lose wieght.

Buster Benson I need more goals.

I guess it all depends on how much you wanna lose. :)

I have enough bad habits that I can lose weight pretty easily just by stopping them all.

lila_jane is feeling light and pretty

how much weight did you wind up losing?

stronglady is addicted to caffeine again

i am an avid coffee drinker but i drink mine black. does caffeine really cause weight gain. i’ve been thinking about quitting for some time, but find it very difficult

Dub01 is studiying ADP

Realli cool

I think it doesn’t matter if you ended up losing one or a hundred pounds. This is the kind of thing I needed to read to get me motivated!

Thanks a lot, mate!

(This comment was deleted.)

Change your lifestyle

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