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I am 13 and i would very much love to go to Japan for a whole year. i have found a program that asks for $985 plus how far it is (plane ticket). Its called two worlds united and its a very good program from what i have read. My perents support me but my dad is a very hard person to get around, but to me… hes not much of a threat. my family has gone through a ton of problems. But thats another story. In reality the only thing im afraid of is getting that acceptance letter. I wont no if i get in till i open it. I will put my love and faith into gods hands and if this is what he dosent want, so be it. Even though it will be painful. I still promised myself I will go to Japan!!! Oh ya! i very much love your entry its Very inspiring! in fact i actually am copying it and taping it to my wall so i could remember to live my dream. Thank you so very much! Oh ya! can you send me a message telling me of your trip and what things i should remember. Once again thank you so very much!!!!

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I am very excited that you are interested in being an exchange student. If I were you I would wait a little bit until you are older, wait until you are atleast in High School to apply, trust me, the wait will be worth it and your parents will probably be more willing to let you go. I’ve heard terible things about Two Worlds United read the thread on this exchange student website: http://www.cultures-shocked.org/Joomla/forum/showthread.php?t=225

If you are interested in Japan specifically think about going through the YES program (it’s a government program and VERY trustworthy), but if you really want to be an exchange student the most important thing is to be open to many countries. :) If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

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