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How to get rid of past love letters


nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot. Please don't take lack of response or reciprocation personally!



mrcreed is.

hey nic


(This comment was deleted.)

h.g. ~happiness Grateful & Abundant ❤ IL&G ❤ Namasté

I Strongly Concur ~

about the getting rid of the letters part…..
if they are causing painful reminders…

it feels good to let go of something that WASN’T RIGHT. As if now you are making room for what is RIGHT.

but I do recommend other “resources” that will help bring about positive results as opposed to negative. Liquor just masks your true feelings, while although it is excruciating, if you will feel your feelings fully, you will move through them…and come out of the other side able to heal and move on.......

painful as hell though~ sorry…..

sometimes romantic love stinks!!!!!!

mrcreed is.

ah its ok now

im not into the resources like i was…and masking my feelings was needed back then,dont think i would have survived feeling the real deal.

youre right about letting go…i have to tidy up my insides before i can really think about inviting someone else in….i think im about ready…just need a victim volunteer…=)

h.g. ~happiness Grateful & Abundant ❤ IL&G ❤ Namasté

hee hee....

you are VERY funny!!!!

I like the way you said, “i have to tidy up my insides before i can really think about inviting someone else in”

smart man!

mrcreed is.

me smart?...=)

thanks…yeah the next time im playin for keeps…;)

(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

zdechlinka no more excuses!

I wouldn’t be able to do that..
I still keep the letters that bring painful memories. But in a secret place – out of mind, out of sight. Because I want to take a look at them after 20 years and smile.

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