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How to stop pulling my hair


thats amazing that your friend said that. truly stunning. people who say things like that that have such a powerful impact without even realizing how much it means to us.

congrats on coming this far. and i know what you mean about needing a fresh start. just make sure that if you do pull one hair though, that it wont ruin your start and that you can still fight this. but i know you are strong and that you can do it.

You inspired me. I just joined today and I have committed to stop pulling my hair just now. You are my first story and my first cheer. I find your strength inspiring and your story remarkable. I’ll be watching for you…as you pave the path for my journey to the end of this madness. Thank you and Good Luck!

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it is people like you who have made me believe it is even possible to stop. for 17 years i have thought that this is something i cannot control, now for 3 days i have been pull free and i thank people like you who have made me believe it is possible to use my will power. thank you and wish you all the best

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