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How to become a waterbender


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i want to be a waerbender so bad

theres no link on the site except for the quiz, how do i get on it?

I just wanted to know what water you use to push and pull. Trust me I am a believer. But are you useing water in the sink or the bath tub. Or a lake or pond or the ocean? If its the ocean then im pretty sure it wan’t you bending. Please do answer this long question.


Katarawater, I understand that you are not a master yet, But i was wondering if you could help me out. So the website you had originally learned from, Earthflame, Is acting a bit strange. Its not doing anything but the introduction page, And nothings on there but a few words about links that arent there and a link that doesnt work. I would love for you to help me and explain to me what i would need to do to start my waterbending training. I would really apriciate it :3 Thanks!


can u please teach me how to waterbend plz write back or contact me at hollylovescece@yahoo.com cece is my dog just to let u know


if you can, send me a email at katlvr24@yahoo.com

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please help im desperate

i want to become a water bender so bad it hurts, ive done so much research on so many websites, if anyone knows please help me, please, if anyone could just teach me if anyone has any information on this that can help me learn please write to me at rockerchica_1_bby@hotmail.com i want to be a bender i know i can, ive even tried opening my chalkras please help…thank you

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(This comment was deleted.)

i no how to become a waterbender

well first you got to now if it is your ture element and don’t stop beliving ok fing a little water place and put a leavf in it and start pusing it towards it to you and while it is moving towards go to the other side and start pulling it towards you and you keep on sowping sides and if it works there you go your a waterbender

what do youmean pushing it toward you? and how?

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(This comment was deleted.)

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