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How to do a neko spell


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what’s frolik

i did it and it didn’t work maybe i said it wrong

maybe because i’m not a witch


if you believe it didn’t work think agien BELIEVE as said xD nyaa x3

Melanie Sosa Has a feather bump :3

I think it’s when cats are curious :3

frolik:marry making,marryment,fun
cred to


i just drank three gallons of milk with fish for dinner i’m still eating i think ur spell worked

nekoraa is thinking there are too many lies and is upset!!


haha cool


I’ve been repeating the spell over and over but nothing has happened help I’m eleven and having a hard time choosing the color of my ears and tail nothing has happened NOTHING HELP bye the way I absolutely love cats and want to be a neko

It isn’t going to happen instantly. :/


Hello people

I just said this spell for a couple houurs ago, and just as I was done I started to fell my ears going completly insane,

it fellt (fells) like somebody is standing pulling and trying to reshape my ears,

is there others that have had that felling?

Could it be a side-effect ?

Best wishes Me xP x3


Ok so should i say….

Make me a neko to frolik and play with a black tail and black ears I want a 20 inch tail an I want it to be skinny.

Is the skinny ok instead of saying i want a fluffy tail? Cause, I don’t want a fluffy tail xD Even though i would look cute in a fluffy tail….but i’m staying 100% cat.
20 inches is not SUPER long is it? Oh and is that how u say it? Ever since i’ve seen tokyo mew mew i always wanted to be a neko… I tried making my own spell but… i don’t feel like i believed hard enough… Something makes me feel like I should have some kind of side effects. Ok well…. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER SOON!!!

Nya!~ =3

(sorry if i annoy u D: )

nekoraa is thinking there are too many lies and is upset!!

Sorrry heres the awnser

OMG!!!im sooo sorry i didnt awnser sooner yes that would be the correct thing to say and u dont annoy me and 20 inches should be fine lol u dont need side effects its like taking a tablet sometimes it gives u side effects sometimes it doesnt but it did work for me :Dgood luck!!!!!!!!

Meow :3

Are 7 inches for a tail to short?
I didn’t think about it when i said the spell :(
Do you have to do it every day for a week to make it work?
Plz,answer me!

A Sorta Weird Question..

Hi~! I’m new here so I didn’t know how to post a new comment—so I figured I’d put this on one of yours..

Just out of curiosity, I’ma Christian and I probably shouldn’t be messing with magic anyway, but I’m just curious about any cost.. any spiritual effects. I’m just very cautious and want to ask.


nvm like i said as my entry… I got side effects NYA!~

nekozboy going through neko puberty x3


i can feel it im growing a tail =3


HOW DOES IT LOOK!!!can I c a pic? Does it look related?

question? plz answer . . .

Are the ears and tail permanent?
Can you make them disappear somehow?
I don’t think I want my parents to know about it, otherwise I might end up in a hospital, undergoing some crazy surgery to remove them ;_;
I always wanted to have a cat tail, but I’m scared of how people will react to it. . .
Do you hide them? What was your family’s/friends’ reactions?

nekoraa is thinking there are too many lies and is upset!!


No they are not permanent they usualy come out when ur mega excited or embarresed or if u want them to come out nd my friends screamed nd my mum and dad dont know lol

PierreGirl PierreGirl

what if its durring school or somthing :\

im looking foreward to doing this spell. but what happens if a teacher see’s my ears and tail pop out due to idk like a test or a feild trip somthing like that can i push it back in or do i have to think about it?


They pop out when your embarrassed or excited. Learn to control your emotions and you’ll be fine. Meow!

ok so is that pic real i mean yeah its all really convincing and i would love to become a neko but if its not real then how do we know it worked you only took a front sided pic so the ears could have a headband behind it and the tail kinda looks like a fluffy boa thingy trust me i do believe but i want to know if its real or not and if it is I want to try it I will try it anyways but i still want to know

darn i meant the pick of the person with the ears and tail

dillandra11 a bird of a feather flock together

will r ears be on the top or bottem and how did u pronouce neko

plz! answer.

how long do it take for you to get your tail


They look fake or just the trous

I am from the uk k

SnowKittyNeko is growing a tail

If its durring school?

but what happens if your teacher see’s your ears and tail pop out durring class? Thats simple, just carry around a hat and like a coat. on summer days, just hide your tail in your shirt _^.


My tail is growing in i can feel a furry spot where my tail would be! ^_ never stop beliving!

At my school I get detention if I wear a hat or hood inside. T^T

Long term

Just grow your hair good luck

SnowKittyNeko is growing a tail

Questions? I really need your ancwer soon...

I need to know witch comes first, the tail or ears. I think my tails going to come first but im not sure. and if u want your ears and tail to come out/in do you concentrate on making them come out/in? And should you get some side affects like joint pain and headaches? And do you have to repeate the spell every day and belive 100 percentege? And i REALLY need this question ancwerd

i said:
Make me a neko to frolick and play with a blue tail and blue ears i want them to be half way fluffy.
Are my ears and tails going to come in blue or just a blue grey? i dont care if its blue or blue grey, i just wanna know. And will feel my ears and tail?
What did YOU say when you said the spell/chant?

Vladimir Blood Bloodstained Ectasy


Okay I’m not a FULL neko yet. Though I’ve seen somewhere else on the internet and it said to repeat the spell 3-4 times a day EVERYDAY until it finally works. And yes you have to believe for it to work at all.
*which one comes out first, depends on the person I think, my left ear felt like it was blooming first, and it itched a bit and throbbed a bit and my ear felt like it was loosing some hearing.Then my right side of my head ached a bit, throbbed and my right ear lost some hearing. But again it probably depends on the person what they feel. I heard some people got heir tails in first.
*The color, I guess on how you say it like: I want a sky blue or deep blue tail or etc. Depending on how it took it on how it’ll come out I guess.
and I said:
Make me a neko to frolick and play with a black tail and black ears
I want my tail to be 1 yard long and to be slightly fluffy.
I hope this answers some your questions.

Melanie Sosa Has a feather bump :3

that happened to me too c:

nekoraa is thinking there are too many lies and is upset!!


well they will probably come out in the colour u want them to and how u imagine it in ur head and yeah u have to think about them being in/out unless ur excited embarresed ect ect then it happens itself but u just have to forget about the embarresment as much as u can and think about urself without them out if that makes sense to u lol i said make me a neko to frolick and play with a orange tail and orange ears i want them to be fluffyish and my tail to be long and u dont have to say it everyday just the 4 times that day my tail came first and yes i did get a headache and back ache its usualy just how u picture it in ur head when u say the spell or after the spell and while the spell is in proces but u dont have to think about it 24/7 while its going on and u have to belive as much as u can the more u belive the faster it happens and look how my ears turned out lol

♒Xx Serenity Ophelia xX♒ When everything and everyone becomes my enemy~

lol! my ears and tail are gonna be white and hopefully it works!


RosieRazegez Wants to be a Neko


I need help I believe and want it to happen holds onto your neko tail and cries Please help me.I feel really stupid because I think I did it wrong! T_T Please help me and answer soon thank wu (I’m still on your tail and crying….. just so you know) oh and sorry if i annoyed you by rambiling :(


Ok, got a couple of questions:

1)How many people did this work for?
2)Is there supposed to be a tingly feel in your tailbone?
3)What are the common side effects?
THX SO MUCH! :D Hope you answer soon!

nekoraa is thinking there are too many lies and is upset!!


it worked for most of my friends that wanted to become one and most people that do the spell and the tingly feeling happens to a few people but i didnt get it so it probably doesnt matter about that and 3 common side effects are the ones i listed in the spell :)


Excuse me but, my back really itches and i feel hot, is this a sign effect?


hi i was wondering how long it takes for the spell to work
my head hurts a lot everytime i say it and i believe in this with all my heart
and how do u know when ur ears and tail come?????

(This comment was deleted.)

Not one side effect

I chanted everyday for about a week…but i did change a few things… can i mix colors? i.e. a black tail and brown ears, if not is it okay to change? what i originally said was: “Make me a neko to frolic and play with a black tail and brown ears. i want my tail to 3 feet and to be poofy.” now I’m saying: “Make me a neko to frolic and play with a black tail and black ears. I want my tail to be 1 yard and to be slightly fluffy”. (sorry for rambling) I also want to know how, when, and where did you people chant? Does being a guy make any differance? and lastly, Will my hair change color for the ears to match? o h forgot to put this how do you pronounce neko? neh-ko or nee-ko?

nee-ko, you can mix colors I think.

It’s proncounced “Neh-ko” it’s the japanese word for cat :D

I’m Japanese :3

Ryo Sohma Redid the spell hope it woks


is there a maxiamum to how many times you can say the spell?

JohnmSchneider_ is (STILL!!) releasing natural gas (XD)


(This comment was deleted.)

Aquosmaster1 is working with energy and trying hard to get wings and more!!! :D

quick question

i know it gives you a tail and cat ears but… can it give you the eyes of a cat as well?

im just asking but it would be cool!....well to me at the most.

Ryo Sohma Redid the spell hope it woks

Just cats?

can this work with other animals too like wolf rabbit fox ect?

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