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How to get over my fear of people


Fear of people

I have had the same problem for about 5 months now and everyday it gets worse. I don’t want to go out of my house, or if I do go out of the house, anytime I go anywhere I put my head down so no one will look at me!!!

I will not answer the phone unless it is someone that I want to talk with. I feel dizzy ALL the time!! This is the worst feeling in the world!!! :-(


I fell the same… I know that is geting worse because I’m crying more frecuently, even during the day… I don’t want to look people in the eyes… I hate myself for being this way… I’m going to star going to terapy, but I think it have no solution… I don’t know what to do about it…

TenaciousTomo is deciding on what targets he wants to set :D

Well Done

Thats some committment to spend 5 years on it, i have social problems too and i intend to solve them but am not looking forward to having to wait a few years for them to shine :/ I use Barack Obama confidence and speaking skills as an inspiration

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